Introduction: How to Use a Red Dot Scope

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In this instructible i will show you how to properly use a red dot scope. My is from my spring famas assult rifle.

Step 1: Adjust to Your Gun's Needs

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My red dot scope doesnt magnify because it is for a assult rifle not a sniper. There are ajuster switches on the top and the side. The top adjusts the left and right position of the crosshair in the scope. The side adjusts the up and down position of the crosshair. During the day get white bb's of your choice. if your gun is 300+ fps use .20G bb's If ti is less than 300 use .12g bb's pick out a target and shoot at it if it is swaying up set the sight up about two notches. and so forth until you get the crosshair where the bb's are hitting.(Note: do the adjusting when there is little or no wind it will make your scope more accurate) Plus you don't have to close one eye you eyes will put the crosshair in the middle but will extend you feild of veiw pretty cool huh?

Step 2: Activating Your Scope

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To turn on your scope tur the knob on the top to high light or low light. (this only works if you have my scope or one like it) Thank you for Reading this instructible


patar77 (author)2014-02-17

Where did u get that

ilpug (author)2011-08-03

i have this exact same scope. its not very good i must admit. i only got it for indoor CQB and i have yet to try it out.

lapiosaatana (author)2010-12-19

I don't wana be mean but I'm glad i don't live in USA. Becose if that kind of Airsoft guns are nice in USA i would stop airsofting

belive me it is like the worst i have an aim top m4 that is 450 fps wit .20s and is ebb full metal

airsoft1017 (author)lapiosaatana2010-12-20

this gun isnt very nice here is the current one i own
its the aftermth kirinex

lapiosaatana (author)2010-12-19

And again i don't wana be mean but this is instructive comment.
Don't tell people what even handicaps know

airsoftbeast40 (author)2010-03-16

i own this gun but ive moved on to aegs but i have to say this is the most accurate springer i ever had

same here it was pretty acurate. i now have a aftermath Kirinex

ha ha nice i have an aftermath kraken aka ak47 that is totally tricked out and i have an aftermath mp5 with a custom paint job that i didi myself and i have an spr nod 2.i included pictures of them here

Lol nice... I can only afford 2 airsoft guns. But I customized each onehay and turned my M4 into a sop mod, silencer and all, and my M99 custom painted with green camo and I put some artificial leaves/hay on it so it looks like an actual M99 with camo, scope and bolt action lever where you insert a single bullet and everything. I know that seems like a major drawback, but you can load 5 bbs at a time, so it scatters like a shotgun xD

sorry the pics wont upload oh well =(

kirwandp (author)2010-05-05

nice instructable, If i am not mistaken though. that red dot just projects a crossair onto a flat piece of glass right? this is common for low quality airsoft scopes. when you move on to higher quality like aimpoints and even $50 dollor tasco red dots, creates something called a parallax free image. basicaly this means once the red dot is sighted in, you do not need another sight such as an iron sight to use it. if you are viewing the red dot from an angle the dot will still remain on the target. thus you can pretty much set the dot on target and pull the trigger and you will hit it. If you look online, you can find videos demonstrating this effect. (note: the more expensive ones will mount directy to airsoft weaver rails)

Knex Guru (author)kirwandp2010-06-16

Have both eyes open when you look through any sight

zasxcd (author)kirwandp2010-06-09

the only parallax-free sight i know of that is sold at airsoft stores is the EOTECH. im pretty sure if it was parallax-free it would be more then $50

airsoft1017 (author)kirwandp2010-05-07

yes your correct you dont always have to use the iron sights. in my case the iron (or  plastic) sights are beneath the rail. 

joshfedo (author)2010-05-21

you should add that you dont have to close one of your eyes to use a red dot i use to till some one told me =p

zasxcd (author)joshfedo2010-06-09

lol you dont close the other eye to look into an red dot you wear an eye patch like a pirate over the other eye for a dramatic effect :D

1spartan95 (author)2010-05-12


3700823 (author)2010-04-07

i have the same gun and the same red dot

aceLED (author)2010-03-14

were do i get a gun like that :D

airsoft1017 (author)aceLED2010-03-15

Almost every store like sports authority or big five should have it GET SPARE CLIPS!!!

thebeef2 (author)2010-03-11

 whats the fps on your famas? electric or spring?

airsoft1017 (author)thebeef22010-03-14
370 "from my spring famas assult rifle."
SeMi_AuToMaTic (author)2010-02-09

Also, who doesn't know how to use a red dot sight? its simple- point and fire. Plus, if they didn't already know, than they would have read it in the manual that it came with!!!

well what if didn't come with instructions for the scope? MAKE U THINK?

common sense??????

exactly (quote "common sense??????")
                                         -N- Striker

FalloutMax (author)2010-01-07

Nice scope , i found this while i was looking for instructions on how to fix my m82 scope

goeon (author)2009-12-31

 nice gun

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