The rope dart and meteor hammer are ancient chinese weapons most commonly known as part of the chinese martial arts category named 'flexible weapons'. The rope dart and meteor hammer are very similar in construction as both consist of a length of thick rope or chain usually measured to 3 or more meters in length. However, the difference between the rope dart and the meteor hammer is the object attached to the end of the rope. The rope dart attaches a blade or dart to the end of the rope where as the meteor hammer attaches a metal sphere or hammer to the end.

To successfully use the rope dart and meteor hammer the user must manipulate the rope or chain with their legs, arms, shoulders and body. It is a weapon which is very physically demanding, however, it does utilize the full range of the human body to strike. This unpredictability makes the weapon very dangerous for it's opponents... and for the user themselves. To practice the rope dart only use a safe practice rope dart made from some rope and a tennis ball attached to the end. I can't stress to use that safety rope dart enough. Even with a tennis ball, it still freakin' hurts. Believe me!

For intensive purposes, the rope dart and meteor hammer have very similar techniques. This tutorial is built and suitable for practitioners of the rope dart and the meteor hammer. This tutorial centres around the side kick. This technique is an excellent strike to use when advancing towards your opponent. 

For a demonstration of the rope dart:

For more rope dart videos go to:
<p>I favorited this, cos I'm a Shaw Brothers fan. Nice ible!</p>
<p>The video is private. Cannot view :(</p><p>FYI, &quot;For intensive purposes&quot; should be &quot;For all intents and purposes&quot; :)</p><p>Thanks for making all of these; I'm really looking forward to seeing them!</p>

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