The rope dart and meteor hammer are ancient chinese weapons most commonly known as part of the chinese martial arts category named 'flexible weapons'. The rope dart and meteor hammer are very similar in construction as both consist of a length of thick rope or chain usually measured to 3 or more meters in length. However, the difference between the rope dart and the meteor hammer is the object attached to the end of the rope. The rope dart attaches a blade or dart to the end of the rope where as the meteor hammer attaches a metal sphere or hammer to the end.

To successfully use the rope dart and meteor hammer the user must manipulate the rope or chain with their legs, arms, shoulders and body. It is a weapon which is very physically demanding, however, it does utilize the full range of the human body to strike. This unpredictability makes the weapon very dangerous for it's opponents... and for the user themselves. To practice the rope dart only use a safe practice rope dart made from some rope and a tennis ball attached to the end. I can't stress to use that safety rope dart enough. Even with a tennis ball, it still freakin' hurts. Believe me!

For intensive purposes, the rope dart and meteor hammer have very similar techniques. This tutorial is built and suitable for practitioners of the rope dart and the meteor hammer. This is the first move I learnt when I began practicing the rope dart. It appears easy, however, an individual must be able to control the length of the rope, speed, height and direction of the rope darts swing in order to move on to more advanced techniques. Additionally, this also will allow your hands to harden up from the enviable rope burn.

For a demonstration of the rope dart:

For more rope dart videos go to:

After watching the video, I have two questions - may I be forgiven the double comment. <br> <br>Are you teaching yourself or where do you learn these techniques? <br>Did you ever strangle yourself? I imagine the ball/hammer/dart has quite a momentum, <br> and if you get it wrong and it wraps around your neck... <br> <br>Not a question, but - what you do there looks really cool.
Hello again Satrek, <br> <br>Except for a few videos, I am completely self taught. There aren't many tutorial videos I have found and that's pretty much why I have been making these videos! I have definitely caught the meteor hammer wrap around my neck, but apart from a little discomfort I haven't strangled myself! I use a safety meteor hammer so there's not much room for injury! <br> <br>Thanks, here is a demonstration video of my freestyle videos: <br>https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qf8cTN3PCzI
Ever since watching Kill Bill have I wondered about the meteor hammer shown there. I'm sure they exaggerated some of it, but I never checked into it being a proper weapon, i.e. something used for more than sports. I always thought it'd as soon take your own head off than the enemy's... <br> <br>Thanks for sharing this basic technique and the introduction.
Hello Satrek, I roughly remember the meteor hammer in Kill Bill, but I remember the thing smashing tables apart and being flung around by a really petite girl! haha I just re-watched it and the application of moves isn't too far off reality. Like the movie, it was used to tangle and disarm opponents, snare them and strike them using their arms and legs as a manipulator. The size of the thing, the breaking of tables and the blades inside were really the only thing over exaggerated! <br>Thanks for the comment!