Step 6: Videos and Notes

Picture of Videos and Notes
Note 1: For females only: The bidet is an excellent utility for cleaning up the female genitalia after intercourse. The procedure is the same, except no toilet tissue is needed.

Note 2: The steps for using a modern bidet that is built into the toilet are essentially the same as those described except that you simply remain seated on the toilet to use the bidet. These may be electronically controlled, or they may have controls positioned next to the user. Some of these include two nozzles, a short one for washing the anus, and a longer one that women can use to wash their genitals; others have one nozzle with two settings.

Note 3: There are also Bidets that are for the use of washing babies. Do not use one that is for babies, ask a housekeeper or the owner of the home you are in if you are unsure of which one is for you to use.

Note 4: Many people use public Bidets to also wash off their feet. Do not be alarmed at this.

Note 5: Do not drink from the Bidet. it may shoot out water much like a drinking faucet, but the water supply is not for drinking. Besides, water can bounce off of unsanitary areas and/or fecal matter.

Note 6: If you are unsure of the safety of the water, do not use a Bidet on broken and irritated skin. This can cause you to get sick from the water.

Video 1 on Bidet Usage

This commercial gives a good idea on how a Bidet works.

paulo5004 years ago
In North America, we use hygiene wipes! Saves water, space, and tp!
Are those toilet wipes biodegradable? Any thing we put in the toilet here in Australia can end up in the ocean.
All biodegradable. Breaks up like TP after flushed. Cottenelle brand had a funny ad on youtube. Not sure if you have this brand in Aus, though.
zamane4 years ago
In Turkey, 99% of all toilets also function as bidets with a built-in faucet at the rear.
wrenawild5 years ago
They seem very fancy and all, but I see absolutely no point to this. It seems very time and labor intensive. If you're putting in that much thought and energy, wouldn't be easier to throw off your clothes and hop into a two minute shower? Very informative though, I was wondering how this was going to tackle such delicate subjects, and I was not disappointed! Thank you!
If you're putting in that much thought and energy, wouldn't be easier to throw off your clothes and hop into a two minute shower? Nope, a shower would involve getting completely undressed, covering your hair if you have it and don't want it to get wet, washing, drying yourself completely afterwards and getting dressed again. With a bidet, you use the toilet, clean what needs cleaning, dry what needs drying, and that's it. Less toilet paper, better hygiene, less stress for your skin and more fun in bed. Try it! :-)
jupeter55 years ago
using one of these just seems like a time eater and an axident waiting to happen. I think i just stick with good old American tp.
Lauramore876 years ago
uhm...hi there, i'm italian and i usually use bidet! that's not the right way at all! female use "ride" bidet in the opposite way and we don't use the paper! XD bidet is fundamental for a proper hygiene! in europe we ask to our-selves how can americans survives without it!
Americans bathe every day and sometimes twice a day. I'm sure it would be less wasetfull for us all to have a bidet. I know I want one.
TraumaComet6 years ago
Thanks for the very informative how-to on a hygenic and very popular piece of equipment that has developed an undeserved bad reputation in USA.