How to Use a Bow and Arrow





Introduction: How to Use a Bow and Arrow

The bow is a great tool. You can hunt or just have target practice. But soon after you will have many questions. What type of bow? Quick release or not? What kind of arrows? What style? This guide should help you get started.

Step 1: What Type of Bow

There are two types of bows compound and recurve. Compound is more complicated and harder to repair but is more power for less draw. The recurve is simpler and easy to use but it requires more strength to draw. Personally I would recommend the compound for it's ease of use.

Step 2: A Quick Release or Not

The quick release is a great tool. It makes any bow easy to draw and release. It saves the inside of your fingers on and 80 lbs bow.

Step 3: What Type of Arrows

There are 2 main types of arrows aluminum or carbon. Aluminum arrows are expensive only recommended for hunting. Carbon arrows are cheap but are good for practice. Then there is an arrow head. For target practice use an field point but if you are hunting use a broad head.

Step 4: Style

Drawing the bow right can be the difference between shooting a good shot or skinning your arm. When you start it is important to be relaxed. Have the bow facing the ground with your arrow notched. Then draw your bow as you bring it up to your face. Make sure you do not hold it to long or you will put much strain on your arm. While aiming account for drop over distance. Finally when you release just let go.

Step 5: Enjoy

Bows are a good investment. You can practice and or go hunting. Bows are great for hunting for they actually add challenge. But also my community center has monthly bow shooting competitions. This bow cost me a total of 275$ including arrows and quick release.



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    I prefer the longbow over the rest of the bows because it takes more practice to use and unlike the compound you don't have attachments. even though the long bow is hard to find you can make one

    Using the arrows you suggested would kill your target and you forgot the longbow!!!!! Archery takes a lot of practice before you can even hit a target.

    I have to say that I think that using a stabilizer, silencer, sight, or quick release is totally stupid, and that compounds are for babies.  I shot a compound bow once and I absolutely hated how it got so much easier after pulling 4-5 inches.  Because shooting a bow is purely for fun, I think it should be a challenge.

    6 replies

    I have a 50 pound compound bow.  Half of my friends can not pull it back.  But as with all the sights, stabilizers and all that crap, i agree with you they are just annoying.  However, compounds belong in a world of their own.  Its like the difference between a Shelby mustang and a Bugatti Veyron.  The mustang is a fantastic car but the bugatti just has the oomph

    I suppose you are correct...


    Ya, i love all archery related things however.

    stronger compound and adjust the bows cams they are made for killing that makes up for the lack of fun waiting for a buck to get into range while having it pulled back.

    I know long bows feel so much better

    I am 11 and i (from the looks of this instructable) i know more than you about bows, recurve,longbow, horse bow, hun bow ,compound, and possibly more. A Compound bows are hardly traditional, and requires minimal skill to shoot well, thats why they are not allowed in the olympics (often) whereas any other type WITHOUT SIGHTS STABILIZERS ETC. are so much harder. Trust me, I know this firsthand ive been shooting bows since i could walk and currently shoot a 5'2" bow that is 40 pound pull.recurve F.Y.I.

    7 replies

    finally someone that agrees with me,  compound bow are almost cheating .because they have  sights and stabilizers

    for one i have sho several types of bows can hit a target with sevral types of bows but neither in my opinion is greater than the other seing as they are designed for difrent things compound bows dont come with the sights on them the are bare just because its a long or recurve bow doesnt mean you cant put a sight on ive doneit before compounds are disigned for hunting they use cans that after a point take the weight after compressing the bows limbs this allows the archer to hold the bows string back longer with little muscle strain soo. i have a compound i use it with out sights or stabilizers mainly because i don't use it for hunting if im trying to kill a deer ill slap the sight on you bet because i bet i could be much more accurate with it then. but i also have a re curve with lazer sight for bow fishing that has a stabilizer and i can pop a fish with an arrow way better than with out the sight less guess and shoot. so just because its a compound doesn't mean it doesn't take skill to shoot that's a cross bow my friend.

    It helps to have things like that while on a freezing cold Pennsylvania morning waiting for the perfect shot on a 9pt Buck.

    That is the truest thing anyone has ever said

    same its easy to use a bow and arrow I'm a pro

    oh you forgot about the chariot bow.

    nice. im 14 and i shoot a bow thats got around 60 lbs pull

    theres no point in talking about long bows. they suck compared to compound bows in my opinion