How to Use a Fork





Introduction: How to Use a Fork

This instructable is for those who don't know how to properly use a fork.
A fork is a tool with a lot of possible uses:
*opening bottles of beer
*science projects

Step 1: Eating

First of is eating.
Most people are familiar with using a fork to eat meat.
For those who aren't:
Firstly you need some meat (doesn't really matter what it is)
Now place the food in front of you on a hard surface (table)
Push the fork into the piece of meat, this needs a bit of
muscle power, but shouldn't be a problem for most people.
When the fork is in the meat, you just bring the meat to your
mouth and the eating can begin!

There is almost nothing that can't be eaten using a fork, so giving a detailed instruction for everything would take me a bit to far.

Step 2: How to Kill Using a Fork

A not as common, but still frequently usage of a fork is to kill somebody.
Using a fork to kill someone IS NOT ALLOWED, it mostly involves having (bad) luck (depends on point of view) and using enough force to thrive the fork deep enough into the flesh of the victim.

A good place to put the fork is in the throat, under the clavicle, in a vital organ...

(I suggest you don't try this at home)
Matter of fact I beg you to never kill anyone.
(this is for "enterainment use only)

Step 3: Opening Bottles of Beer

Who hasn't been in the situation where you wanted to open a bottle, but the only thing you had was a fork?
That shall never be a problem anymore!
Opening a bottle with a fork is easy!
*Take the bottle and the fork.
*Hold the bottle firmly between your legs or (for those who
are more experienced) hold it in your hand.
*Bring the not pointy side of the fork to the head of the
bottle, put the end under the lid.
*Put one hand round the lid and fork.
*Use your other hand to push the fork down, this way you used
a leverage system to pop the lid off the bottle.

Always drink Belgian beer, because this is the best beer in the world and all the money goes to Belgium!!!

Step 4: Science Projects and Decoration

The use of a fork in science and art is widely spread over the globe.
The fork is loved because of its nice design, originality and cheapness.

Art with forks:

Step 5: Legal Stuff

Forks aren't illegal in any country (i know of).
Killing is illegal in all countries! So don't do it!

The meat shown in step 1 is made by Jailbird on Deviantart.
The Fork-coathanger in step 4 is made by Doctor Gus on Deviantart.



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    what do you mean, "entertainment use only"?

    wait a minute it isnt real blood it is ketchup of course it will be ketchup

    when i make my country it wont be

    In my country, Cowslovachia, it is. Our Anthem is "I Am Cow" by the Arrogant Worms.

    you might want to be more specific. people could just stab the meat with the fork, then pick the meat up with their hands, completely defeating the purpose, and maybe choking on a fork

    There are none in the throat... it is in the throat OR under the clavicle OR in any vital organ. sorry if it was/is a bit confusing

    what about your trachea? its not really an organ, but its kinda vital to breathing... plus people make a cool whitle-y sound when you stab them there