How to Use a Laptop for Xbox Live





Introduction: How to Use a Laptop for Xbox Live

Today i will show you how to use a windows Vista laptop as a wireless adapter for a xbox 360.I'm not sure if it will work with windows xp or windows 7 but it might.

Step 1: What You Need

For this you will need:
A xbox 360
A vista laptop that has internet connection
A ethernet cable

Step 2: Set Up Your Laptop

First click on the start menu and go to network

Step 3: Seting Up

then you should go to a page (look at the pic) and then click on "network and sharing center"

Step 4: Seting Up

now you should be on this page (look at pic) then click on "manage network connections"

Step 5: Seting Up

then you shold be on this page (look at pic) the right click on "wireless network connection" and go down to "properties" and click on that

Step 6: Seting Up

then this should pop up (look at pic)  just click on "continue.  
then this should pop up (look at second pic)  then click sharing.
then check both the boxes (look at third pic)
then go to the bottom and click "ok" (look at last pic)

Step 7: Connecting

now all you have to do is connect your ethernet cable to your laptop and xbox.
now first your laptop must be on and open to work and then turn on your xbox
if it doesnt work then:1. make sure the laptop is on.
2.make sure the laptop is on before you turn on the xbox.
if it still wont work just put a comment and i will try to help you.



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    I tried on windows 8. It didnt work for me

    So i guess no idea for windows 8, Ill have to check it doesnt do it it self first but i cant check it yet. I love my laptop

    when i get to the sharing tab, when i click the top box and then ok i get an error message, it says " an error occured while ICS was being enabled. can anyone help me or had the same problem and figured it out? thanks guys.

    I will try this tomorrow. (Cool xbox btw.)

    It worked to the T. No bridging neccesary. Yay

    If you dont have a sharing tab then your router probably cant share a connection

    i have attempted to do this multiple times and still it does not work, im am using a modem hooked to the laptop and still nothing happens, please comment whenever you can to help me.

    Hello, thanks for the tutorial; however, I am having trouble at the step where you share the connection, after i click properties on my vista laptop there is no sharing tab anywhere, so i cannot proceed.

    Please tell me what to do.


    a regular ethernet or a crossover

    my problem, you probably can't help me with, my dad has a laptop, but he wont let me use it, maybe i could convince him. the only way you could help me is by telling me how to convince my dad!!!

    so, theres no bridging involved??

    You can connect to xbox live using this method but i personally wouldn't recomend it.

    i've gone through about 12 -15 (wasn't really counting)  xbox's since i bought my 1st console 2nd hand a few of them stopped working for other reasons but l went through the most of them when i shared my laptops internet connection through xp.

    I connected in this way for approximatly 3-4 months when i was connected in this way i went through around 8 -10 most of which had the same error i can't remember the exact code but console displayed 3 red lights and error message i asked guy at the store were a kept returning my consoles and he said the error was to do with hardware failure on the ethernet port.

    I kept getting newer consoles which also broke the one i have now is one that i had previously returned but having been repaired shortly after recieving this console i stopped connecting through my laptop and i've had this one for at least without and problems.

    I would risk this if you don't have a guarantee on your xbox i was lucky that with store i bought my console from i could just go a swap it for another there and then with out having to send it off.

    I'm using the connection it works. BUT everytime I play, the server times like every two minutes. Does anyone know how to fix this? or what would cause this? Because the connection is always excellent or very good. HELP PLEASE!!!

    under LAN it says unidentifyd network ??

    it means your router wont work with xbox live for some reason

    I have a question if it says an error occured while the network was enabling what exactly does that mean and what can i do about it so i can hook up my xbox to my laptop. Thanks Nate

    1 reply

     TO EVERYONE WHO'S LAPTOP SAID ERROR: Now i know what the error thing is because i went to my friends house and the same thing happened with the error message. It means that your wireless router wont work with xbox live for some reason.

     it says an error occured when i clicked it.