I am guessing that you are viewing this instructable because you bought a typewriter from an antiqe store or you are just curious how one works. I think they are amazing machines and that they will soon all be in museums instead of them whirring away on desks.
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Step 3: Have fun!

That is how a typewriter works! Any questions feel free to leave a comment, I check all of my comments!
Lokisgodhi2 years ago
Amazingly, they still sell these things new.
TimmyMiller3 years ago
where did you get the typewriter?
popscott3 (author)  TimmyMiller3 years ago
I got it from an abandoned house that I live next to. It was all mangled from a drop but my nabor fixed it right up! If you are looking for one you might be able to find it in a antique store or ebay.