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First of all you will need to now how to open command prompt. To open it go to the search bar on the task bar and type in cmd, and press enter. if command prompt doesn't pop up type in command prompt in the search bar and wait for the computer to search for it. this is the easy commands for command promt :0
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Step 1: Simple commands

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when command prompt opens up, type in help. help tells you some simple commands like shutdown, how to make a directory and much more. it's not that simple though. you will ahve to remeber commands to use later on (if you want to). unless you type in help and search what you are looking for. but.... that is a waist of time. hat is leading to a step further in the process of understanding command prompt. if you type in help not all the commands come up, like i stated before that they are only simple commands. one of those commands which doesn't come up when you type in help is, net view. but if you want to learn about that stuff read my How to use command prompt, medium.

Step 2: Having fun with simple commands

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some commands are fun to play with for example : Color. Color is the American word for "colour" in Australian. Color is the plain colour which comes up when you start a command prompt. another way to say command prompt is cmd. if you type in Color help it will show you different possibilities of colours.
mhann11 year ago
if you have don't want to remember any commands, you can try this piece of software: it is completely free to use and provides a graphical way to use the command prompt.
agm882 years ago
THANK YOU opps still in caps lock while i was in comand promt any ways thanks!!!!!!!
vishalapr4 years ago
This helped me a lot!Thanks!
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Have a look at my ibles as well!!!