How to Use Internet While Not on the Internet Part 1.





Introduction: How to Use Internet While Not on the Internet Part 1.

Wires, they hold you back and keep you from going 5 feet to the sofa. just a few simple things you can do, by the way, im still in reno without a camera so bare with me. I have a wireless card and it works although my mom doesnt really get WiFi, and says she has no reason for it, so i forced to use an ethernet cord man does it suck. So this is Part 1.

This is also the page to download Classic Solitaire For Windows.

Part 2

Step 1: Just Do It!

If your reading a long instructable like Eric's for example, set it to view all steps and unplug your laptop from the Ethernet cable and wall outlet. Eric actually did write a fine instructable with no errors. :-)

Step 2: Just Steps Away!

With the page still loaded, walk over to your comfortable and sit, lay, jump or whatever and read an instructable. and dont ever click on a link or it will take you away from that page until you connect again.



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Questions & Answers


Step 3: get a wireless card?

Step 3: Get a router.

Step 4: Use it!

Your not using the internet when you go on a website it saves it into a TEMP folder so you have downloaded it and when you get off the internet its still in your temp folder till you come off it Not a very good instructable no point

ARRRRGGG! the "classic solitaire" has a virus!

NiceJoke.Flippedvirus on austral1.exe!

Good thing Norton picked it up...

I'm sorry but thats from the Norton website, i actually wouldn't count THEM as safe, it's not a virus.

get a longer cable, go wireless, go outside, etc... etc...