How to Use Live Stream on PS4





Introduction: How to Use Live Stream on PS4

There is a lot of people who likes to share games with friends and of the world, So i will show you how ?

Step 1: Sign Up on

You should have account on twitch if you want share your games moments with friends.

Step 2: How to Srart Sharing

- Start your game.

- press the Share button on the controller It’s locatedo on the left of the touch panel..

- A menu will pop up with three options.  First one isu upload video clip.  Second is upload screenshot.  Third is broadcast gameplay.  Just choose broadcast gameplay and press x.

- You can use the mic to comment while streaming.

- And also comment with the viewers.

Step 3: Ending a Live Stream

-If you want to end the streaming, just press the share button again and choose stop broadcast.  This will end your streaming.

Live streaming games is a fun and easy way to share your gaming experience with people who dont own the console or the game.  And thats it.



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    Thanks you dont speak very good english but still great job I'm livestreaming Warframe right now