How to Use Phone Without Battery





Introduction: How to Use Phone Without Battery

I made this for my next project.

How to connect phones with 4 pins, take a look into comments.

Step 1: "Battery"

I took pins from SD card adapter and glue them with Super Attak glue on piece of wood.

I used 82kΩ resistor.

Step 2: Power Supply

After couple of months I can say this is perfect power supply. It has enough power and it does not go hot! I bought it on Ebay for some bucks

Lithium Charger Step down 5A 5V-32V to 0.8V-30V Power Supply Module LED Drive 5A

Step 3:

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This is a nice project! I want to do a similar thing: I have a Samsung Galaxy Ace GT_S5830i phone with an almost dead battery. I could use it without a battery, but I'm not sure what's the difference if I want to use the USB socket of the phone for energy supply. So I'd like to avoid using a new cable for the power.

First I need to apologize to you for really late answer:(
Batteries are dangerous, so that is the reason why I made so wird project and remove battery from my phone.


Thanks for the idea. I'd like to do the same with an S5 ( SM-G900WB )

but I have 4 battery terminals and not sure what should be the resistor value..

Thanks in advance. :)


good question:)

If you have pins V+, ? , V-, ? I will try to put resistor on the middle one (between V+ & V-).

Yea, the 4th pin is for the NFC... not sure for the 3rd one is for termals.. but..
Once I found the battery good pins, how should I mesure the right resistor value ?

Thanks !

I used 82kΩ resistor.

I saw this on another similar project:)


I got all my wires right, got a great step down power supply(from a 5volts to 3.85) but the phone seams to ignore the resitor 82K... the ''battery'' slowly drains.. have you experienced the same thing ?

Fresh plug I have about 68%... going down slowly.

I guess I should try a different resistor value ?

Any other idea ?

Hi, would you please paste the picture of the correct pins with wires and resistor for 4 pins. I put 82k resistor between v+ and v- but it not work. My phone is samsung S2(I9100), thanks a lot!

I think your power supply is not enough powerful.

You need more watts (amperes)

Paste link of your power supply.

you where right. I was running my DC converter from usb 5v down to 3,85V then 4.0V

Right when I plugged into a computer 12v source, I got 100% with only two wires didn't plugged the resistor at all.

it's now on the bench with flashlight and 3hours long youtube video to try to drain it.. I think I'm good now.

Thanks for the kind help.