How to use resin to make your own plastic stuff

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Hi My friends 
Actually i am an electronics designer but since childhood i was interest in both electronics and chemical and i wanna explain about one of my cool test in chemical to using this way as your needs 

first , as you know if you wanna order a plastic melt for your testing design , it's not very economical because most of you are a hobbyist and don't wanna expend lot of money and at leat you must expend 500-600$ to order a plastic melt 
but here i wanna introduce a very helpful and useful way to making your own plastic stuff's 

This way is so so cheap and high quality (mostly depending on your skill) way to making lot of plastic thing's 

So we are go to learn this cool way 

Note: in this session we will learn how to make a liquid resin as plastic and you must make your melt as your needs 

Dangers :
ALL of the material are chemical and please in all stages use safety eye gloss and gloves 
please do not change the amount of the mixed material 
please test this in balcony (with a fresh air)

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Step 1: Essential stuff's

Picture of essential stuff's
from lest to right :
1: Resin 
this liquid is one of derivatives of oil and is so so cheap , here is about 2$ per liter :) 
note: we have several kind of resin such as epoxy etc. but as far as i know most of resin are good for our plan 

use special color for resin that be mixable with resin 

3:Final drier , in last stage we mix this chemical liquid with our mixture to make hard our liquid and change liquid to solid 
Note: actually this liquid in kind on acid and the color of this liquid is invisible 

4:First drier or Cobalt : this liquid must mix before final drier 

Step 2: Pour resin in a box

Picture of Pour resin in a box
i use a recyclable dish to make our mixture due to resin will make dirty your dish after drying 

for the first test use only 100-200C 
emad_sh1 year ago
ممنون از راهنمايي. فكر كنم سوال دوستمون اين بود كه آيا محلول بعد از سفت شدن تغيير حجم ميده؟
armstk180 (author)  emad_sh1 year ago

بله , وقتی رزین رو درست میکنین تغییر حجم میده و حجمش موقع خشک شدن زیاد میشه

درود بر ایران

armstk180 (author) 1 year ago
Hi Rimar
It's good news
Thank you for your point , i have to say we call drier as hardener too

if you reduce driers (or hardener) your mixture will dry in longer time and also if you increase hardeners your mixture naturally will dry sooner
Don't remember that you must not add much drier in resin due to resin will get more Brittle

let me know if you have any question
rimar20001 year ago
This instructable is very useful for me, thanks for sharing.

As 40 years ago I tried to make a magnifying glass with liquid resin, and left something like a magnifying glass. Surely the liquids used have changed since then, I did not use that first hardener.

I want to ask if the resin shrinks as it hardens.