Introduction: How to Use Simple Trigger to the Bow

How to use simple trigger to the bow


piperjon (author)2015-07-13

How do you use it? I did not see any instruction...

pwybuchu (author)piperjon2015-07-13

0:48 and 1:02

rangerweavere (author)pwybuchu2015-07-14

still nothing there

pwybuchu (author)rangerweavere2015-07-14

Use your eyes and brain, this should help.

piperjon (author)pwybuchu2015-07-14

Never mind, I've unfav'd this and reported for violation of the 'be friendly' policy. I found the information I looked for elsewhere, from someone who doesn't have your lousy attitude. Peace out.

piperjon (author)pwybuchu2015-07-14

The video is not playing. Since you are a proponent of using your mind, perhaps you can take your own advice?

seamster (author)2015-07-10

Very cool. That's a slick little design.

pwybuchu (author)seamster2015-07-10

It's very comfortable.

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