Introduction: How to Use Split Rings Without the Pliers

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How to use split rings without the split ring pliers

This is my very first tutorial, I’m excited so here we go!

I wanted to use split rings for a bracelet I made for my sister’s birthday but didn’t want to spend money on pliers I would probably only use once. That being said, I made this tutorial for anyone out there who has the same predicament that I did. Now I’ll warn you, it’s kind of weird but it works!

You will need:

pliers (i used round nose pliers but any kind of beading pliers should be okay)
split rings
what you’re attaching to the split ring (in my case it was a charm and some chain link)
a paper clip
some small scissors
a hair tie (or rubber band)

If you would like written instructions you can find them on my blog (the link below):


cheryl.valentine.5220 (author)2015-02-12

it looks like the split ring didn't close completely when it was put on the bracelet. Shouldn't it stay completely closed?

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