Step 9: Adding a 6-Pin ISP

Picture of Adding a 6-Pin ISP
I usually build in a 6-pin ISP header to all of my projects so I can reprogram the chip if necessary and not have to take it off of the project board. The dragon rider sadly doesn't have a 6-pin ISP header available but I did figure out how to make one available.


This is a hack. If you don't know exactly how this works, don't do it

You've been warned.

I've created my own adapter board and 3-pin jumper in order to supply the 6-pin isp header. What you do is set the Dragon Rider up to program and 8-pin microcontroller. Using a 3-pin socket I am jumpering J8 to connect pins 1 and 3. This routes the clock signal to the PortB connector. I then run a jumper cable from the PortB header to my adapter board and voila!

There are pictures below.... please, please, please, don't do this unless you truely understand what you are doing as you could damage your AVR Dragon or worse if you do this wrong.

Pinout: PortB    ISP1        42        13        34        NC5        NC6        57        NC8        NC9        610       2

tzoom847 years ago
Wow great hack! Can't wait to try it!