How to use the Laser Cutter and or the Water Jet to make a Radius Check gauge for Organic Sheet metal work (Metal Shaping, Panel Beating, etc)

I made it at Techshop.

This is going to be a really short and simple one, but if you are doing any sheet metal forming, especially using the Planishing hammer this will allow you to make a really useful tool yourself.

You can get this tool online for $20ish in plastic and $40ish in anodized aluminum, but with this Instrucable and access to Techshop, or equivalent tools, you'll be able to make one yourself. As an added bonus it'll have a cool TechShop logo on it with extra Texas Flair
since I'm a member at the Austin Round Rock Texas location.

(The red image is of a commercially made radius check gauge, I'll upload pics of the real one soon)

Step 1: What the Cut File Looks Like

Here is a gif of what the cut file looks like so you can visualize it better

Basically, you download the PDF I created here:


Or get it from step 3 of this Instructable

The red lines are cut lines, the black lines are etch. Pretty standard stuff here no surprises.

I replaced the '0' that marks the perfectly flat side on the professional one with a ruler
as I thought it'd be alot more useful in checking profiles and everyone knows a ruler is straight without extra

&quot;Organic sheet metal work?&quot;<br> <br> Haven't heard that term before. Aren't we carry this &quot;organic&quot; business a little to far? &nbsp;;-)
It's the term used by techshop to describe the class, i call it &quot;metal work&quot;

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