How to Use the Macro Mode on Your Camera





Introduction: How to Use the Macro Mode on Your Camera

For far too long instructables has been suffering from people who continuously take blurry out of focus pictures. Well I aim to put an end to this. In this instructable I will show you how to use the macro setting on cameras from most manufacturers.

Step 1: The Difference

All cameras are preset to take distence pictures, but most also allow you to take close-up shots. This is the difference. These pictures were taken with the same camera at the same distance with the same zoom. The first one was without macro and the second one is with macro.

Step 2: Finding the Function V1.0 : Easy

All have this function if yours doesn't then your camera is a POS and you are SOL.
To find this function "its usually on the arrow pad" look for a flower when hit the flower should appear on screen. To turn it off hit it again.

Step 3: Finding the Function V1.1 : Medium

This one is a little bit harder you might have to go into the menu to activate macro mode.

Step 4: Finding the Function V1.2 : SOL

This is the cheapest camera i could find it doesn't have macro mode so you are SOL.

Step 5: Useage

To use macro mode you need a tripod. watch this video where i explain.

Step 6: Final Thoughts

Use these methods or be hated by the instructables comunity for bad pictures.



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    good job telling us what the macro is for. I have a fuji film a700 with a broken display. it was in the car for a few days and it probably got we due to temperature changes. it works fine, and I can see the pics on the tv. is there any way to replace the display, or is it just not worth trying to and I should just buy another one?

    There are some websites out there that sell replacement LCDs for electronic devices. I hear they are pretty cheap.

    I don't think a tripod is neccesary. If you have one on hand, then by all means, use it, but you can just sat on a table next to the object, or balance it on your knee.

    you dont need a tripod...
    well, atleast not if you shoot rifles at long range(100-500 yards)

    (practice holding steady...)

    Well i didn't know about that instructable because is searched macro mode and nothing came up and thats not even using the macro mode in the first place. most cameras have a macro setting so you don't need to use glasses to focus.

    My previous camera didn't have way macro, for that reason I had to manage them to take out pictures closely. BTW: icanryme2002 and rimar2000 they are quite similar. Do you maybe make poetry? I made the (modestly) better and more complete existent dictionary of rhymes in Castilian (Spanish). It almost gives 5700000 words.

    I don't even know what you are talking about I don't even speak Mexican or Castilian Spanish.