Introduction: How to Use the Starbucks 'Fast Pass'

The new Starbucks preorder feature is basically a fast pass. Skip the line!


Moon Kinnaird (author)2015-10-02

What I love about it is that it is technically cue jumping. But I believe that using your brains and knowledge in any situation gives you privileges. If others don't like they need to smarten up. (Y)
Well done!

HowToLou (author)Moon Kinnaird2015-10-02

Starbucks designed the preorder system this way :)

Moon Kinnaird (author)2015-10-01


HowToLou (author)Moon Kinnaird2015-10-02

We figured out that they have only ONE ticket printer, so when you order with the app, your ticket prints even before the guy standing at the register ordering!

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