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Ever wondered how to use the camera in your apps you create for iOS?
Wonder no longer! The purpose of this 'ible is to educate you on one one of the ways to access and use the camera in your iOS app. This is by far the most simplistic solution and does not include all the bells and whistles other approaches offer (such as controlling the quality).

In this 'ible we will make an application that:
  • gives us access to all cameras on a device
  • allows us to save pictures and videos we take
  • allows us to see the last picture taken
*Please note, you will only be able to use this app on devices that have cameras on them (and no, the simulators do not have access to any cameras on your computer).*

Step 1: Create New Project

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I went over how to get Xcode in my previous 'ible: Creating your first iOS app, check it out if you don't have Xcode.
  • Open up Xcode. Go to File>New>Project (or press SHIFT+COMMAND+N)
  • Select "Single View Application" then Next
  • Name it what you want, I am naming it HelloCamera
  • Decide what devices you want it to run on.
  • Make sure "Use Automatic Reference Counting" and "Use Storyboards" are checked then click Next
  • Navigate to where you want to save it then click Create
tobytonz1 year ago

really nice way to start off