How to Use the Wiimote As a Computer Mouse Using Candles As a Sensor!!

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Introduction: How to Use the Wiimote As a Computer Mouse Using Candles As a Sensor!!

This guide will show you how to link up your Wii Remote (Wiimote) to your pc and use it as a mouse!

Step 1: What You Will Need

This is fairly simple to complete and you will only need the following:

-Bluetooth adapter
-Candles (or sensor bar if you want it to be more accurate, there are several guides on Instructables)
-Suitable Bluetooth drivers (to my knowledge Bluesoleil may not work)
-Winremote (found free from )

If you do have the Bluesoleil drivers, you may want to look into WIDCOMM drivers (I use these) from here:

After you have these, progress to step 2

Step 2: Pairing the Wiimote to the Computer

Connect your bluetooth adapter to the computer and load up your drivers.

1.Use the drivers to search for devices and press 1 and 2 on the Wiimote to try pair to the computer. Make sure the Wiimote does not turn itself off until it has been paired (i.e. press 1 and 2 every now and then)

2. Select the service 'Nintendo RVL-CNT-01' or something similar.

Your Wiimote should light up player one and player two and the drivers should recognise the Wiimote. At this stage, you may want to look into mii downloading from the great program located at which allows you to download and upload miis.

Step 3: Open Up Winremote

As previously stated, this can be obtained from

After loaded up, click options and "cursor ON/OFF"

This should allow the remote to work, sometimes even without the candles but the candles will allow a more steady signal if your bluetooth adapter is far away from the remote. Place the candles appart by about the same as a Wii sensor bar and light them up. Hey presto! It works!



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    I know this is really random, but do you play Clash of Clans?

    Does Winnremote support the plus thing and will that make it more accurate?

    I've added to the title that you use the candles as a sensor. It works supposedly, because candles emmit infared light as well as the other visible spectrum of light and its easy just to light a couple up and away you go! I'm considering making a USB powered one so you can use the Wiimote with USB but at the moment I don't have a use for the Wiimote on the computer appart from impressing visitors ;)

    i want to hook my laptop up to a bigscreen tv and use it with algodoo.. with either this method or using an ir pen and just setting algodoo to touchscreen.  It seems like it would be way more intuitive that way.

    hey can you set buttons on the remote to use as buttons on the mouse or keyboard? A and B for left and right click and then the digipad and 1 and 2 for the tools? (keys A and K and Z ect)

    You can use Smoothboard's Presenter mode to set the Wiimote's buttons and IR sensor to control the mouse and keyboard.

    Boon Jin

    Presenter mode- Triggers.jpg

    I like to play emulator games with my wiimote, but I use glovePIE instead of winremote.

    Quite true! You can use glovePIE ( but I haven't found out how to use it just yet!

    There's some great documentation on it right here.

    The biggest difference is that Winremote can take care of your basic button=key stuff and has a mouse driver built right in. It has a better GUI and you can calibrate your wiimote when you use it.

    I recommend starting off with Wiinremote and then eventually moving on to Glovepie.

    GlovePIE is better if you wanna do more advanced stuff, like use the accelerometers for anything like steering a car, or using the status LEDs. Its GUI is pretty much a "run" button and a text field. You have to write a script to use it, but they can be so simple. They are mostly if, then, else statements and equals signs.