See what Your friends are hiding from You.

Step 1: Log in to Myspace

Log in a choose a friend that has profile 2.0.

Step 2: The Magic

Right click and click onview page source''''''''''''

Step 3: Working With Page Source.

With page source open before a big spacing , on the 15 line its

MySpace.ClientContext = {"UserId":26022259,"DisplayFriendId":86790418,"IsLogge

User id would be yours don't worry about it. get the "DisplayFriendsid"

Thats all You need to know their friend ID

Step 4: I Spy!!!!

Go to ur comments and with ur friends ID number that You got on the previous step highlight yours and deleted put your friends and enter!!

You should see ur friends comments.

r u suppose to go home or your profile

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