How to wash your climbing rope using washing machine

Picture of How to wash your climbing rope using washing machine
I had just finish a sea cliff rock climbing today , and my rope had soak with sea water so I diced to wash my rope.
Normally you only need to soak the rope in water for few hour to clean the rope but my rope are pretty dirty so I machine wash my rope.
Don't machine wash your rope every time, machine wash  makes the rope fibre tight up and it effect the dynamic feature of the rope
hand wash is good enough, only machine wash the rope if necessary 
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Step 1: Daisy Chain the rope

Picture of Daisy Chain the rope
loosely Daisy Chain your rope, the knot it self call chain knot
remember loosely is the key

here is a video from forresttrenaman shoeing how to tie a chain knot, but don't put the knot tight

Step 2: The washing

Picture of The washing
Spread the rope evenly in the washing machine 
wash it with cold water, wool mode and with out any detergent

*cold water is a must
*detergent with kill the rope and kill you, use only professional rope wash(not recommended, water is good enough )
*wool mode tumble and twist less

Step 3: Hang and dry the rope

Picture of Hang and dry the rope
Hang and cool dry the rope just as easy as it 

*NO sun drying, sun light will harden and damage the rope  
GuiltyPixel3 years ago
Thanks for the information, I've wondered about this. I just stayed away from hazards like salt water :)