Step 3: Hang and Dry the Rope

Hang and cool dry the rope just as easy as it 

*NO sun drying, sun light will harden and damage the rope  
Hand wash the rope in the bath tub, use woolite. A rope brush will help and you will need to rinse a few times the rope. Pre wash to remove surface salt
I was climbing by the sea a lot for a good year and always hand washed them ,even if it's a one time thing wouldn't F@%k about with my rope sure micro-abrasions would start to develop after a few washes it's bad habit to get into
Don't think I'd want to machine wash my rope. I wouldn't trust it not to have done something bad to it I couldn't see. I think I'll stick to hand washing, it really doesn't take very long.
On second thoughts, yours is a top load machine Vs my side loading machine. Looks like yours would be gentler.
I used to have sideload Washing machine , as long as you use wool mode it should be alright, it won't had too much tumble, the rope can handle it
ya you shouldn't wash your rope with washing machine every time , but my rope are very further plus it mixed with sea water, so I decided to give my rope a deep clean, normally. hand wash is good enough
Thanks for the information, I've wondered about this. I just stayed away from hazards like salt water :)

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