Picture of How to watch TV on your Computer for free! (Legally and illegally)
In this short instructable I going to show you a compilation of my favorite legal and illegal methods of watching TV on your computer. You may be surprised of how many great tv shows you can watch on the internet for free totally legally. If you have any suggestions please feel free to leave me comment.

Step 1: Legal Method Number 1. Hulu

Picture of Legal Method Number 1. Hulu
hulu promenightbaby.gif
The first legal method and my personal favorite is Hulu. Hulu is a online web based service that allows you to many shows for free.Hulu has a wide verity of shows and movies ranging from BattleStar Galactica to Family Guy.
A Nice Feature of Hulu is that it has RSS feeds for each show.

Sadly Hulu is only available in the US currently (to my knowledge.)

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LiveT3 days ago

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LiveT3 days ago
LiveT3 days ago
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OlianM27 days ago

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JonasV51 month ago

There are many alternatives for watching live streaming TV online, even FREE of charge. The problem is that most people don't know how to find those sites. For instance, www.streamlivetv.net allows you to watch a great amount of channels at absolutely no cost. Beat that Netflix and Hulu!

ImranA52 months ago

You can watch live channels from here


AhmedM313 months ago

TVMasr77 is the best website for watching free channels

AhmedM313 months ago

i like watching free live arabian channels on Mediawy TV

bernardlevet3 months ago

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It is legal just like the digital antenna box for local stations you buy at Walmart but with VStreamTV you get unlimited channels, movies, radio, apps, sports, local channels and more. You can search for movies by date, author or title. And you will never pay to go to the movies again too because you can watch movies that are at the box office this week too! All movies on NetFlix for free. Watch YouTube videos on you TV! I think this is the greatest thing since the light bulb and telephone was invented!

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TShareNinja7 months ago

www.mediahhh.com looks very good, I was stunned at how intuitive the interface is and the fact that the Android device becomes the remote control for the desktop app... BOOM!

not sure if they will have an iOS version soon, it says on the site they have one coming, no idea about the timeline though. i'm android and pc so i am very happy. :)

Piquerish8 months ago

JOOST - "Thanks for your support and interest in Joost.com. We are re-evaluating the Joost.com purpose and services. For the near-term we have decided to suspend the site to allow for a full re-evaluation. Thanks again." 12/22/2014

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KiraB9 months ago

I watch Tv online on this site https://www.choose.tv/english-tv-online

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PhilipSumpter9 months ago

Has anyone heard the latest?... The FCC is trying to light a fire under the TV industry's (you know what!) as a result of many consumer complaints. The FCC wants Internet companies such as Aeros and FilmsOn TV to become MVPD providers, just like cable and satellite companies so that consumers benefit more and save cost while watching their favorite TV programs. Imagine seeing paid TV companies battle with 3rd party Internet MVPD providers offering lower cost to consumers for the same content to watch on their computer, small/large screen TV or mobile device. How to Watch TV Online

jm09077010 months ago

Thank you for sharing this!

bratzx11 months ago

The new Season of Bigg Boss is coming don't forget to watch online

georion1 year ago

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GofishRC0073 years ago
Check out this website. http://www.free-tv-video-online.me/internet/
They have movies too! And its available to everyone.


2Sharp1 year ago
Thanks for the information, this was a great help as far as watching TV online!
ssim12 years ago
Pompom says right that I got addicted to Lost this way...I have no idea what my life will become once it ends in 2010 :'-( Indian Dramas
Pompom7 years ago
I got addicted to Lost this way...I have no idea what my life will become once it ends in 2010 :'-(
I hope you are doing well.
HeBeGB2 years ago
best sight i have found is watchseries.eu thousands of TV series in full.
rmanzoor3 years ago
Totally agree with your suggestion... Very nice post and good information here... Thanks for posting that. ...

RussianGirl3 years ago
I can defenitely see the need for saving money nowadays and every little penny helps. If you want a simple program to download to watch tv on your pc, check this movie at : http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xplnpc_watch-tv-online-for-free_shortfilms If you want to read more, go here:

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rdar3 years ago
hi I want to see Pakistani channels.What can i do?
ivanjacob rdar3 years ago
i dont know... in my country some tv providers have online tv
dgurney13 years ago
Hi other LEGAL methods would be to download the "readontv" player software which gives you well over 3000 channels direct to your PC free, live from al around the world. This piece of software is COMPLETELY FREE OF CHARGE. True doing some GOOGLE SEARCHES for "readontv player" to find out where to download it from.

Also, for people who live within the United Kingdom, like myself, another good way to watch many live FREE TV CHANNELS ONLINE is to watch Freeview TV from a website called "tv catchup.com" You have to register your e-mail and create a password for this site, BUT this is all TOTALLY FREE, and watching CHANNELS here is TOTALLY FREE also.

There is yet ANOTHER FREE PC TV PLAYER I found recently which you need to DOWNLOAD YOURSELF FIRST FOR FREE. This is called. "mytvpal player", but once installed ALSO enables you to watch PC TV ONLINE completely free.

I hope I've helped some people out there who weren't too sure how to watch multi-channels via there PC totally for FREE? :)
static3 years ago
Last time I log onto the Fancast, Hulu have less free content then they had in the past.
dlym23024 years ago
Here's the thing, there is not way to actually watch all of the shows you want unless you do it illegally. I know most people won't actually want to do it illegally so the best ways to actually get tons of shows and channels is to buy something. Sorry but its true. I have a program on my computer that gets like 3000 channels and it's very cheap for a one time fee. Check it out.

erattray4 years ago
Do any videos work outside of US?
tracey1584 years ago
I would like to watch UK TV on my PC for free and movies, can u help
YAY!!!!! thanks a ton man.
liyideng4 years ago

Try this one,! if it doesn't work mail me pp_mi@hotmail.com

FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! American chennels !!!!!!!!!
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