How to watch starwars with computer symbols on command prompt

This is just a wierd trick I learned so I decided to post this. You can watch most of the beginning of the first Starwars movie, which is episode IV from command prompt made by some guy. It's pretty cool.

DISCLAIMER: I am not taking credit for this. I am in no way responsible for making or being a part of making this trick. I am just doing my part in letting you all know about it.
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Step 1: Opening Command Promp

Picture of Opening Command Promp
Go to the start menu, go to accessories, and command prompt should come up.

Step 2: Type in the Command

Picture of Type in the Command
The command to watch the starwars movie is the following:

Type that in letter for letter (including the space between Telnet and Towel) in command prompt. Two messages should come up for a little bit, then the movie will start playing.

Step 3: The Result

Picture of The Result
Now the fun part- Just sit back and watch. It's poor quality due to the fact it was made frame by frame with computer symbols, but this must have taken the guy who made this forever.
SalehM12 months ago

Does not work

SalehM12 months ago

Does not work

SalehM12 months ago

Does not work

HusainB5 months ago

does it work on windows95.

HusainB5 months ago

does it work on windows95.

Ryguy301 year ago

Go to Control Panel › Programs › Turn Windows Feature On or Off and ticking both the telnet check boxes. That should make it work

atc001 year ago
Doesn't work
It didnt work on mine! it said "TELNET" is an invalid command.
bfloobis3 years ago
guys, this only works on XP, not vista or 7. I know, I'm a 7 user.
Damn! I was going to try this and I have Windows 7.
it still works on their you just have to turn the feature on.
It's getting configured for me...I looked at all the comments and this seems promising! I'm not going to visit the website that zw3rv3r said though, because I want to see the thing itself and not on a website xD
haha...corny but interesting!! i got it to work on WIN7
lolz i watched it its pretty cheezy but still nice
etines37 years ago
To let u guys know .nl at the end means neatheralands that is where most viruses come from
thinker etines37 years ago
actually most viruses come from germany or america
the netherlands Does have some of the least secure servers and most volatile connections, and connecting to an unsecure server can lead to you getting a virus, but only if you havent secured the data flow to/from the ports on your computer.
So its your own silly fault really
and by the way
if you want people to take you seriously
spell properly
Kuhan thinker7 years ago
um... pwned!
JKibs95 Kuhan6 years ago
most definitely pwned
what does that mean?
Wiki has everything,It probably has The average seconds that it took to post a comment somewhere.
uber pwn
Wikipedia is the source of the world knowledge
If it weren't for 42 and Duct Tape, Wikipedia would be the meaning of life, the universe, and everything.
and i was always saying that 49 was the meaning of life
haha yeah :D
um... wnge
muberblob4 years ago
does it work on windows 7?
seabananers4 years ago
do you know any thing about part 2
eulaliaaaa!4 years ago
Does this like download this to the computer, or does it find it off the internet, or something else? I would like to know how it shows this.
Kindhamster5 years ago
aaaaaah... This doesn't work on windows seven... (crys deeply)
ReCreate5 years ago
It does not work, Is this a fake? There is no such thing as telnet, it does nothing.
it is real as long as you go to run, type cmd, then type telnet, type o, then type and there you have it!
umm, i think telnet is just a logon for internet before there was world wide web like when DOS was used you would logon to like .nl  for example the netherlands and see what they're doing, its just a protocol really, its real, and i know it haha, my father is a genius when it comes to these things,
Right, I was partially joking. ;)
sorry didnt know :/ *Shrugs* im slow to these things eh?
I'd say.
it only works on xp not vista windows disabled it in vista
Ok...But i was using XP
(sad face goes here)
well it worked for me
Maybe because i have Windows Xp Home edition...
telnet is the 50 year old(ok 20) internet. you need to have access to the net.
Wikipedia explains it better.
it was internet before html was invented
(your meant http right?)
you mean :(
It works in vista. Go to programs and features and in the left hand side there is something that says "Turn Windows Features On or Off". Tick mark "Telnet Client" and "Telnet Server" and click OK. Then wait. To check if it worked, type telnet in CMD. If it says "Telnet" is not recognized as a internal command, external command of batch file. If it works, you are done and follow the steps on this instructable.
i no the same thing but I was to lazy to put it in the comment boards (but he was using XP)
What operating sistem do you have? i have a windowx XP and it works perfectly.
I have windows XP.
zw3rv3r5 years ago for those who can't use telnet ;-)
Morriscow5 years ago
 he didn't make this I learned it in like 2nd grade it was created by
can i do this without internet?
But don't you need internet to post a question such as that? You should have no problem haha.
TheBatchies5 years ago
Gee, not like this is all over the internet!...

...Oh wait, it is...

...Good job, but go for something a tiny bit more original next time!

CrazyCory564 (author)  TheBatchies5 years ago
Thanks for the FANTASTIC advice, because you've obviously contributed way more than I have to the instructables community....

...Oh wait, you haven't...

...Good job.
Alright, first of all, I was trying to be contructive and positive. I actually did once have an account on another website and contributed tons. I'm just saying, by that point it'd been ten years old and all over the internet. I didn't see there was a date, so just please cool down. When I was sarcastic I was trying to be nice. I'm sorry if you took it wrong, or something.
Would you like me to delete that comment? I really hate it when this stuff happens.
Knexwizard5 years ago
how come on utube thay go really fast and on mine it is so slow help i want it to go fast
jkimfl5 years ago
who wants to join my Join the dark side and get a free cookie group? its just for fun.
jackdaun5 years ago
u are really n00b on tha computer
Huntman005 years ago
do they have one of theses 4 the movie space balls????
CameronSS7 years ago
Above the "Insert" and "Delete" keys is a button marked "Prt Scr/Sys Req."If you tap that, it puts an image of the entire screen into the clipboard. Open MS Paint or another image editing program and hit Ctrl+V to paste it in and edit or crop it.
How is this relevent?
CrazyCory564 (author)  thinker5 years ago
Relevant to what?
That is how you take a screenshot. Using screenshots instead of photos would greatly improve this. I am still amazed how many people insist upon taking photos of a monitor when a simple keystroke will give you the highest resolution possible.
lol print screen was one of the first things I learned when I first used windows(95 that is), when I was like 4.
TTSDA awkrin6 years ago
me too
CrazyCory564 (author)  CameronSS5 years ago
Thanks for the tip. The quality is horrid because I took these pics with my cell phone.
Haze 136 years ago
Very clever instructable, although it doesn't have audio and it doesn't show the whole movie.
CrazyCory564 (author)  Haze 135 years ago
That's why I stated it shows the beginning of the movie. Also remember that this was made a very long time ago. I don't see how they could include an audio track on such a thing.
deansep6 years ago
On my computer it says connecting to not open connection to the host, on port 23: connect failed. What do i do??
baneat deansep6 years ago
Your router or firewall of AV has blocked the port.
catcit5 years ago
does this work on macs or no?
It does work on macs and any other operating system, just type
telnet Into the Terminal application.
AtIas catcit5 years ago
Nope, cool though! :D
there is a nother way...
luckyone6 years ago
it works on xp but not vista
manu116 years ago
this is so cool p.s. it works on xp
It does not work for me. I bielieve you it's just I don't think it works for vista
A good name6 years ago
I just get this "Telnet is not recognized as an internal or external command"
Type it all in lowercase.
No It's cuz I'm on vista I found out.
go to control panel, programs and features, then on the left click "Turn windows features on or off" . wait for it to load. then go to "telnet client" and click the check box. wait for it to update. then try again.
Well I looked it up apparently it's a security feature... telnet is easily hackable.
Oh. That might be why.
Derin7 years ago
did not work it says telnet is not a command
go to control panel, programs and features, then on the left click "Turn windows features on or off" . wait for it to load. then go to "telnet client" and click the check box. wait for it to update. then try again.
Gage9876 years ago
it didnt work on my vista home
go to control panel, programs and features, then on the left click "Turn windows features on or off" . wait for it to load. then go to "telnet client" and click the check box. wait for it to update. then try again.
works on vista.. thanks for the tip
This is pretty cool. Is there a way to get sound?
camb006 years ago
Do not do this while you are watching this it alows another computer to connect to yours and take information such as your ip and document i am not lying
CrazyCory564 (author)  camb006 years ago
Yes, you are lying. You obviously don't know anything about computers. No one is waiting to hack you on the other side of the connection. Please be informed before making claims that aren't true.
he's right, the person who made it would have to put (most likely visible) code for it to copy your computers information.
PieBoy6666 years ago
OMFG this is sooooo cool! I went and watched it the whole of ICT once be4 my mates shopped me 2 the teacher and then i was let off cause she thought it was so good!!!!!
timmy1234s6 years ago
GhostHacker6 years ago
mariomurder6 years ago
that is sooooo hilarious does anyone know of anymore things like this
mooglegirl37 years ago
OMG that was totally amazing...and...stunning...and...i can't think of words that would say how totally awesome that is!!
coolz7 years ago
how long is it
Won't work for me. Just says telnet isn't a recognized command, operable file, or batch file. Probably the fault of Vista. Oh well, there's always flash.
you have to install telnet manually in Vista. It's there, just not installed until you tell it to
Well, why the crap not? you know how to do so?
they don't do it because of security reasons, opening telnet sessions isn't the safest thing to do if you don't know what you're doing. here's a link that tells how to do it:
Vista comes with telnet!!!! I have vista and no i didn't have to install it!!!!!
plz help it duznt work for me im running windows vista command prompt ver. 6.0.600. plz help!!!!!!!!!!!!! it ses telnet is not recocnized as a command
Ya same here !!!!!!!!!
you have to turn it on, go to control panel, programs and Features and click on the "Turn Windows features on or off" button on the left colum
ForceMan3337 years ago
wow, tell the guy that made this its incredible! oh, and whats your background, lol?
CrazyCory564 (author)  ForceMan3337 years ago
It's grandpa from The Boondox
ironlung307 years ago
Thanks for posting this! When I was a kid I used to make simple ascii animation using *.bat files! Cool that someone took it many steps further!
that was awesome! ! ! ! bravo!
this... is................................................................................................................................................................... ...AMAZING.
Top Dog7 years ago
Must have taken a decade to make this!
this guy has way to much time on his hands
Huntman007 years ago
do u have to press enter
Haza7 years ago
omega78567 years ago
OH EM GEE! was awesome
does it work for windows vista?
Yes, all you are doing is telnettiong a website. It will work on anything that has telnet.
canida7 years ago
I used to be able to quote that whole movie...
I know people that can quote the /books/. o.O
scott-band7 years ago
This is the greatest DOS thing I've seen in awhile!
hsnetworks7 years ago
lmao! Simple telnet command, what I want to know is how its made and streamed online!
It's ridiculously simple. It was made back in the DOS days before 1995, and actually just typed in. The animation was done by moving the cursor around and typing over things. People used to have their tags/handles/signatures/avatars animated back then. Also, the Star Wars could have been in color too, because a very common "ANSI" spec supported colored text. To view this animation you just view the text file on the "terminal". This was so common that no one thought of calling it "streaming". And terminals look like PC's but have no (or 2K) memory usually. Today I think you'd call it a VERY "thin client". Telnet is a remnant of how the internet was before the WWW. (Mostly no graphics).
Xellers7 years ago
Very nice!
braedz7 years ago
this is awsome but weird and some times the wrighting was to fast for me but i give it a thumbs up all the way
nerfer1927 years ago
FAVED! this is sick! i got up to the prt where alderann blows up. id like to see the death star blow up with asteriks.
Darkshot7 years ago
very VERY cool :)
gamer7 years ago
is this possible to get on a pc without internet? -gamer
if you download the flash version (see my other comment for the page) it should be viewable offline
holy hell, I just recognized your desktop wall paper. grandpa, from the boondocks! (right?)
CrazyCory564 (author)  bleachworthy7 years ago
haha yeah granpa pwns
I knew it wen i saw it :D
This. Is. Awsome! I am showing all my friends this.
to view this in linux, use these in terminal (without quotes) "telnet" then "open"
haven't seen this in years!

the guy who created it is a New Zealander.

his site is:

i think he has a few other things there, and the flash version he displays is able to be fast forwarded by clicking.
There is an "instructable" style how-to about mounting a camera in a slot car, too. Very cool.
nice, it lacks sounds, and color (I'm not putting IPv6 on this sytem quite yet). they could have at least had a system speaker beep for R2's scripts... I just discovered that this is MANY years old (4+). but it's still a gem of the intronetz.
wow thats so cool! I watched about half of it then got bored....too bad it doesnt have sound...
Oh, and just an FYI, those "Computer symbols" are called ASCII.
You can just type the command into the Run box under start. Windows key + r type in Telnet Hit enter Just a bit quicker.
vaxjo7 years ago
Believe it or not, the "weird thing that goes through the sand" is called a "sandcrawler".
firemanfu7 years ago
note for those awesome mac users out there (me included) this works in terminal , I watched this in a whole block oh history in the comp lab