Step 7: Make Up

Basic Face Make Up

1. Evenly apply necessary amount of liquid foundation on you face and neck (varies as per skin tone)
2. Apply Face Powder on face and neck
3. Apply Face Blush to your cheeks. Be generous with the color. 
4. Apply red lipstick

Eye Make Up

The eye make-up of a Bharatanatyam Dancer is the most essential part of her dressing. The eyes are highly expressive during the dance therefore it becomes essential to highlight them with proper care. 

1. Apply eye shadow. Choose the colors according to your dress as well as what looks good with your complexion. Try to use darker colors
2. Apply a thick layer of eyeliner that extends outwards and curls upward. This should not touch your eyebrows (consult the image)
3. Use a thick, dark line of kohl under your eyes
4. Add volume to your eyelashes using mascara and curl them up with an eyelash curler


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<p>Thank you very much for posting this article. I was really tensed about it. It looks awesome. :-)</p>
I can not thank you enough for posting this. Very well laid out, thank you. My four-year old daughter and I recently started studying the beautiful art of Bharatanatyam and this will be so helpful to us in our dancing.
How do they manage to dance after wearing so much ?????
Years and Years of practice! :)
Please tell how to wear the Surya and Chandra head ornaments<br>which one on the left side of the head and which one on the right side ?
Hey! The Surya (Sun) is on the right and Chandra (Moon) is on the left. Hope that helps :)
Thank you every body to post this log. It is very useful to my sister's daughter. once again thank u
This is fascinating! Thank you for posting!
very cute in your's Bharatanatyam Dance dress <br>
Wow, very beautiful and in-depth process. Thank you for sharing this!
Very interesting indeed, and I must say, one Mahatmama!

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