How to Wear a Sock


Introduction: How to Wear a Sock

We all know sometimes, it can be a pain trying to wear a long sock... especially when it's really cold.

After this instruct-able, you will be able to wear a really long sock, within a few steps.

So lets begin.

Step 1: Folding Your Sock.

Fold your sock as shown in the picture 1, then pull it down to make it

cover the whole sock and leave space for your fingers and toes. (picture 2)

Step 2: Folding It One Last Time.

Now you want to fold half of the already folded part where your feet are going in.

(Refer to pictures)

Step 3: Putting It On!

Now you put on the sock! Usually, the longest side is the bottom part and/or

if there is a picture at the on the top, you'll see it.

Then you want to pull back the last half that you folded.

Step 4: Finishing Up!

Finally, grab the front of the sock, then pull it up, and you have put

on your long sock, hassle free.

Please note, this instruct-able seems long, but it only takes a few

seconds to do it, and it makes you feel more comfortable(in my

opinion anyway).

Hope you enjoyed. This was my first ever instruct-able!



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    instructions not clear got hand stuck in toaster.

    I use a MacBook Air and I couldn't get my sock to boot. Anyone else having the same issue?

    1 reply

    yes I have. try turning it off and on again and then try following this tutorial

    Thank you so much! This is so insightful! It has given me a totally new meaning of life and helped me in so many ways!