Introduction: How to Weed a Garden Karate Style

In the video Max first uses the traditional bo (a Japanese martial arts weapon) - he then decides to put his Karate skills to some practical use and picks up a traditional garden hoe to weed the garden.


PeterR12 (author)2015-05-12

Nice kata!

Keep up the good work.

Iwa-sensei, the Netherlands.

nlinventor (author)PeterR122015-05-12

Thanks - will let Max know of your comments.

letstormdufield (author)2012-10-16

At 1:01 is he fighting invisible weeds?
Great entertainment!

letstormdufield - maybe he was after the cabbage moths that have been attacking the ornamental cabbage that surround the big rock on the right :)


shellycaron (author)2012-09-06

Very creative! Looks like fun!

nlinventor (author)shellycaron2012-09-06

Thanks - Max is not only a Karate expert but also a good improviser.

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