How to Wheelie


Introduction: How to Wheelie

In this instructable I will be showing you how to wheelie wheelies are popular in cities like Philadelphia.

Step 1: Shorts

Put on short Pants

Step 2: Shoes

Tie your shoes So they don't get stuck in the chain.

Step 3: BIke

Get your bike

Step 4: Brakes

Make sure you have back brakes to be more safe.

Step 5: Safety

Make sure you are riding in a empty street or a empty lot

Step 6: Chain

If you get something stuck in the chain while wheeling you will fall so where a helmet.

Step 7: Riding

Start riding your bike

Step 8: Slow

Ride slow so it is easier for you to pick up the bike.

Step 9: Pull Up

pull up the front of your bike

Step 10: Far

Hit the back brakes when you feel you are going to far make sure your wheel is straight so you don't crash.



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    I saw this young man do a wheelie. He is an expert!