How to defend yourself at school. Many of these techniques can be used to win a fight, but many are self defense. But never start a fight anyway.

Step 1: Takedowns

Ok, i was a bit harsh before this update, but after using these techniques on some people at my school, i realize the belgian takedown is useless. The Hip throw is wonderful though. and i absolutely LOVE it. Very very very easy to do, and simpler than most throws, and I learned it in just a few minutes by practicing it on my 7 yr old cousin, and testing it out at my school.
And simply, for me actually, i find taking the one who is bothering you to the ground rather than executing strikes is MUCH easier. And if you practice these at home, try not to really slam your partner to the ground, just enough to get the feel for it. And also, sometimes you dont even have to stun your opponent to execute the throw, if you just do it very fast.

Now another there is a video for, the clinch. When in the locker room, most importantly, if there isnt a teacher around, clinch them. Such as if they trying to whip you with a towel, moving very close very quickly and clinching them, then throwing them i find is the best option. And once they are on the ground, you can then take the towel from them, and whip them while they're on the ground.
The video:

I find these are very easy to perform on a very untrained opponent, simply because, they do not know what to do, and since most school's students dont have classes in a martial art, its very very very unlikely they do.

And then i find THE easiest thing to do when they aggravate you in class or so, is a wrist lock. I find this to be the EASIEST thing to do to make someone give something back. I find the supinating wristlock is the easiest to perform. Such as, once at school, someone took my pencil pouch from my book bag. I turned around, grabbed the wrist on the arm that was holding the pencil pouch, and wrist locked him. I had him wanting to give it back within a split second. It is shown in the second picture, and here is the link to the wikipedia article for wrist locks.

You may also wish to look at a list of grappling holds on wikipedia, the ones used in the video are the collar tie and underhook. Here is the link for the list of grappling holds.

I have found some army tactics to help with this. Here is the link, however keep looking at this instructable before you go to the page.Army Tactics
Let's say your opponent strikes you with a right punch, which they usually will, due to many people being right handed. You can then parry to the inside and strike the throat, face, or solar plexus(as in the picture), then you can execute the throw.

And the second throw i dont have a picture for, I have used this when I have a bookbag on and cannot bring my opponent onto my hip or back, the double leg takedown. This one also has a video.

<p>Hi I'm 14 yes old and I'm always bullied in school.I'm taller than most of the bullies but I don't know how to fight back</p>
<p>Don't hesitate. Be sure of yourself. If you are bigger then them, it should be easy. Go for side kicks on knees and knee kicks between their legs.</p>
<p>Don't hesitate. Be sure of yourself. If you are bigger then them, it should be easy. Go for side kicks on knees and knee kicks between their legs.</p>
<p>Don't hesitate. Be sure of yourself. If you are bigger then them, it should be easy. Go for side kicks on knees and knee kicks between their legs.</p>
I'm 15 . n I know one thing. keep your guard up, keep your hands up start hitting n don't stop, until someone pulls you off
<p>ok so when ut comes to bullies, theres usually a group of them. You CANNOT take on all of them unless your Batman. But your NOT. So step one is to call the biggest one out. Or whoever there &quot;leader&quot; is. Him and his goons start bothering you you stand up straight look down at him and say &quot;what? U cant talk shit to me with out your little bitches backing you up?&quot; and the other ones should back off, then you only have one target, instead of a group of them. Next punch him in the jaw. With a right hook. U want to hit him so hard his neck will twist to the side almost like whiplash and knock him out. Hold up your hands in front of your face and pretend to be a lil out of place faggot. Say no no! Please! And while hes listening, or maybe even laughing then u hit him</p>
<p>Ok, so i weigh about 106lbs.. I'm 5'1, 13 y/o, and i want to beat up this chick that keeps talking smack and spreading rumors about me.. I've taken boxing, and she is an unexperienced fighter.. My opponent is about 5'0 or 5'1, 13 y/o, she is a bigger chick, weighing around 150-165.. I want to teach her a lesson not to mess with me anymore and beat her up.. Do you have any good tips for me?? If so, can you email me at waltonam@live.com</p>
<p>how do u fight someone bigger than u</p>
<p>just chop or tap the throat, i did this to one guy and he curled up in ball and gagged like a cat with a hairball</p>
all you have to do is when ylu fighing them keep hitting them try to get them 2 the groud and start kicking them in the face
Hi I'm Shayne I'm 13 and am currently bullied in middle school and the bully is taller and more muscular than me how should I handle it I don't want to be a snitch
<p>start lifting weights and eating healthy, or ask your parents to put you in a boxing or self defense class. </p>
<p>shayne start going to the gym and lifting weights and eating lots of clean food take up boxing or at least practice punching on punching bags try to avoid fighting unless you have too.</p>
Ok shayne muscle doesnt matter skill is the answer i mean i have muscle and people are scared of me but im telling you try to dodge his attacks punch him were you think its effective today someone called me stupid so i beat him up and remember dont let no one get in your way<br>
<p>It dosen't matter if you're a snitch. 2 years ago I was bullied as well, and the easiest way out is just to tell someone who could make the bully scared, for example, a teacher, or a principal. It dosen't matter how intidimating he seems to be, because when bullies are faced with things with suspension they will immideately bend and they WILL be scared. Tell him you'll snitch if he dosen't stop, and if he calls you a snitch, that means he is secretly scared. If you continues even after this, then go immideately to a teacher or principal, before it can get any worse</p>
i am in a lot of fights at school and most of thats because i used to think i was a total badass (which i wasnt) and thats catching up to me now ( fortunately im a badass now) but anyway you dont need to know kung fu karate or any other martial art to win all you need to do is toughen up that means daily work out routines that push your body to the limit and learning how to suck up hits (getting a sparring partner would help)
Contrary to popular belief, you SHOULDN'T push your body to the limit. You should only push it to about 70% during a workout, anything more is simply wasted.
<p>i am a 16 year old girl and this 16 year old boy is bulling me and i was woundering is this gonna work against a boy? </p>
Kick him in the balls as hard as you can..easy
<p>yes it doesnt matter what sex you are you can win</p>
<p>you should try to kick on his main point......</p>
<p>i have this big girl and she like to use her weight how to self defense knock her asx out i am a boy and i am 6-4 and she is 5-6 or sum like dat</p>
<p>don't watch any fight match on TV like boxing match, UFC or anything. the best way to survive street fighting is to kick groin, neck punching, eye elbowing, biting. fight as dirty as you can. </p>
Only time you should fight is self defense of not you should get your ass kicked and I'll so it
Good for self defense
Ive tried this allready but it dont work you need proper training. A kid cant do this! I even tried to get my football back but failed got put on ground. So next day i wrapped my tie around my hand went up to him punched him side of face, and guess what. It put him on the floor. So try this instead. PS: I got my ball back lol
Oh yea and does anyone know what i can do to train for fights, because i want to do mma fighting. And i can't join a mma gym till am 16?
<p>If your opponent is fat you may have some advantages and disadvantages. </p><p>Let me name a few ways you can put the hurt on a fatter (or even bigger as well) of an attacker. The first thing you can do is punch them hard in their breast. Since fat people have man or boy boobs, they are a lot more prone to being sensitive of a spot. Punching someone here can bruise the breast and cause some exquisite levels of pain. A straight punch or even a hammerfist to your opponent's chest can be pretty effective. </p><p>Also, a hammerfist strike to the head, specifically the forehead, really can rock your opponent's world. A solid hammer fist strike to the forehead will cause frontal lobe trauma. That is a fight stopper. </p><p>But in order to do a hammerfist, first close your fist tightly and use the flesh and muscle area on the side of the hand below the little finger. Make sure that you do not strike and hit with the little finger and always make sure to have a have a small bend in your elbow when you make contact. The bend in the elbow takes pressure of the elbow joint. You can achieve a tremendously powerful strike with the hammerfist. </p><p>However, you don't have to just use the hammerfist, you can also throw jabs and straight punches to your opponent's forehead, which can sometimes cause a knockout or if not, then most likely a concussion if the punch has been executed properly. </p><p>However, my big tip is that when you throw your first hit - don't stop. Because when you do, you're allowing your opponent to throw you a hit of their own and that could either be the end of the fight, or they could do what I'm giving you advice on and they'll keep going. What you want to do is to throw as many hits to their face and head to where they're down and preferably done. Don't let your opponent throw the first hit. That's a bullshit philosophy to have in that you should always wait until your opponent strikes first which would justify you fighting back. </p><p>However, if you're looking for a suckerpunch, I'd recommend going straight for the mouth. Deck em' there really hard and while you're doing it, to knock some of their teeth out, or at least make their mouth bleed. I've made somebody seriously leak before by accidentally striking him in the face. When he showed me his mouth, there were three teeth that were bleeding up at the gums and when he touched one tooth it bent in. While this may not work as well on a fatter opponent, but still, this could work fairly effectively on a regular opponent. </p>
<p>thanks I will try this at school</p>
<p>so will i got a bitch at school who always on me and i dont like it she always messing and threating my friends so ill just beat her ass</p>
i personolly go for a malky
That was very hepful thanks
i like this one because it shows the distinct difference between pain and damage. (which are two totaly different things). you can beat the crap out of people without causeing much physical damage. my fighting style is all about pain. you can incapacitate someone and win fights with someone ten times your size as long as you can make them think they have major injuries when they really only have some minor cuts and bruises. mabey ill put up an instructable on my style...
I know it sounds harsh but if you do cause someone damage, like a punch to the face, they are more likey to remember it :P And so won't pick on you.
Actually, while the face is the most satisfying place to strike when in a rage, it is also one of the least effective. All it does is enrage your opponent. The two best places to strike someone are either directly beneath the rib cage, (making it impossible to breath) or in the groin. unless it is a girl, in which case, 1) you shouldn't be hitting them at all, and 2) if you have no choice, the best place to strike a girl is on the front of the breast, because this has the same effect as a kick to the groin for a man. I stress that this girl had better be trying to either kill or maim you if you because if she isnt, you are way out of line.
Same with me. I know a few pressure points that I used to take someone to the ground that were 4 times my size. They couldn't move a muscle until I let go,and that was when the police came and arrested the dumb mugger.
can you plz tell me where that point is?
Sorry, when you ask that, you want to hurt someone. That doesn't work.
sounds like a type of ninjitsu
surprisingly it is... yet theres only 1 type of formal ninjutsu and the kind he speaks of is true... huh his own style is like a 1st degree green belt in ninjutsu
hmmm. i never really practiced any sort of style. i just know what hurts like hell lol. things like jabs to the area between your nose and upper lip really hurts (nerve center there i think) but is not really dangerous. you just have to be carefull and not slam your fist into it or you will knock teeth out. things like armpit punches, breadbasket (sternum, it knocks the wind out of them) punches, or even repetitive leg kicks will cause a lot of pain.
Just my 2 cents a fight at school i can consider different from self defense if its a issue of proving who is superior in a mutual deal or whatever punching them in the throut is a bit of an overreaction, in a self defense role it is you when you cant run and are fighting back just to keep yourself safe, and often may injure the attacker serverly trying to settle things with a kind you dont like is different than avoiding being mugged
thanks it will keep me alive in h.s
ah. i have that book where all those pictuers came from. it was quite good
What is the book called and where might i purchase it?
its a army combat manual i got it if you want i can email it to you if you got a junk email address
i use kung fu to defend myself. it's called wing chun.
to emokid or whatever his username is who said that u don't need to use kung fu or karate to defend urself: ur wrong. martial arts like these r better than street fighting bc most martial arts can block punches easily.