this is an instructable teaching you how to win the game of mine sweeper...

Step 1: click alot

this isnt as lame as it sounds...just click untill a fair portion of the board is clear...se the chainge between pictures 1 and 2 =]
I gave up playing minesweeper a long time ago after I realized that most of the time whether you win or lose comes down to a guess. You may as well just flip a coin and save the extra time spent clearing off the stuff that doesn't require a guess.
the numbers tell you how many mines are next to the box with the number
I understand that, but after you've cleared away most of the mines, it frequently comes down to a guess because there is not enough information to know where the last mine is located. It is having to guess that is the problem. After you've spend all that time and brain energy figuring out where the mines are, to have it come down to a coin toss renders the game pointless. A simple change to the games coding would ensure that it is never necessary to guess.
not realy, at the beggining it is guessing, but once you have a few its just logic
No, in the end it nearly(? always?) always comes down to a guess (at least with the minesweeper included in MS OSes).<br><br>Try playing large games a few times and see if you ever clear the last mine without guessing where the last mine is.
This reminds me of a video... <a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LHY8NKj3RKs" rel="nofollow">www.youtube.com/watch</a><br />
Hmm.. didn't work for me- I still suck at the game!
Mind Sweeper is a logic game. Here is an ascii example:<br/><pre> [1] [2][A][2] [2][B][2][1][2][C][F][E][D]We know the top [1] has one mine around it so we know[A] has a mine, and therefore [B] has a mine because the [2] next to it must have 2 mines. It is similar logic like that, that allows you to win the game. I think that is what Magicfap was trying to imply, but I thought&apos;d I just clarify.</pre><br/>
Yes it is, but nobody understand!
Either I am the intelligent one or you are dumb.
I know how to play it, but NOBODY I know does.
If everybody knew how to play . . . then how would people like us show off our scores =D<br/>
is this what you do for fun?? <sup>_</sup><br/>
Yes. It is very fun.
and addicting.
Windows Minesweeper is not a very good game because not all games are solvable without luck. Actually, most of them require luck so you don't hit a mine at the first click. Also, once part of the game has been revealed, not always you can deduce all the mines without more luck.<br/><br/>However, you can find a very good implementation of minesweeper at <a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~sgtatham/puzzles/">Simon Tatham's Portable Puzzle Collection</a>. This version ensures that the puzzle is solvable just by deductions, no luck involved. There are other nice puzzles there, but talking about them would be off-topic. :)<br/>
what do I do now ?
You see the 1 implies that there is only 1 mine around it. The 1 under the mine implies that there is only one mine in the 8 boxes around it, since the mine has already been marked, the other box can be opened.
it has to be the top right, if it was the left the 1 on the left of the 2 would be a 2.
oh by the way the one in the top right was the mine and so I lost. which just plain sucks. now that is luck to solve right there!
Actually, the very first click will *never* be a mine. But if your first click was just on a number and not an open spot, then it's luck starting. :P<br/>
He got the code wrong. It's: Enter X Y Z Z Y Enter
something people might like to know... is that you CANNOT hit a mine on first click, no matter what, if you do the xyzzy cheat then w/o clicking into it yet, click on a "mine" square, it won't be a mine :)
duz the xyzzy thing work with vista?? it doenst seem 2 work 4 me.......
did u check in the upper upper most top left corner of the screen istself?
ok my friend has the same problem i think winblows actually fixed it in vista
im not sure what your saying with the shift ,enter enter thing
hold down shift and press enter. as for clicking a mine on the first click, i used the pixel method of cheating and i marked all the mines but the last one, which i clicked purposfully. the game automattically rearranged all of the mines.
you press "x, y, z, z, y, <enter>, <shift + enter>" now after doing that. the very top left pixel of your screen. not minesweeper, your whole screen will turn black if you hover your cursor over a mine. heres a picture because splintercell asked.
thats amazing! how did you figure that out!
its top left. as far as you can go. also its x,y,z,z,y then "enter" then "shift"+"enter" like oogitsmelol said before. also here is a pic.
yup, it works :D
Upper most pixle of what screen? the minesweeper? mine field? the desktop? if you can, show an immage circling it. I still hate minesweeper.
What theme is that you're using?
microsoft zune theme....available for free download, google it! nice, orange and blacknesss!
'<em><strong>the zune theme is awesome!! i just downloaded it!!!!'</strong></em><br/>
The theme is Royal Noir. <a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.istartedsomething.com/20061029/royale-noir/">http://www.istartedsomething.com/20061029/royale-noir/</a><br/>
oh damn, I just installed the zune them, I found it a little too dark
For the cheat -- you don't need to press enter at all ;) just xyzzy and hold the shift button for about a second -- the pixel appears at the top left of the screen (you may need to minimize open programs to see it). White means good, black means mine ;)

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