Picture of How to wire DVR in a Subaru
This is my first instructable and I welcome all constructive criticism. 

A while back I bought a cheap DVR from China for my car.  Well it lasted about a month so I guess I got what I paid for.  I decided to get a true DOD DVR and tracked down their distributor to ensure I do not get another knock off.  I am very happy with the DOD, the picture quality is much better and the camera is working flawlessly.   I decided that it is time to wire it into the car properly.  Usually the usb cable is pushed under the headliner but you still end up with the converter sticking out of the cigarette lighter.  While visiting the various Subaru boards I learned that there is a power supply harness for the rear view mirror accessories.  It turns out that almost every Subaru has the same power supply behind the map light pod.  
The following is a very simple way wire in power for your DVR or any other accessory you need power for.


12v to usb adapter
electrical tape
inline fuse
inline wire connectors
wire cutter/stripper
flat head screwdriver
phillips screwdriver
wire harness from old computer power supply

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Step 1:

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12v to usb 004.JPG
12v to usb 006.JPG
First step is to remove map light pod.  Start by using a flat head screw driver to take off the clear cover of the map lights.  Be careful not to scratch the pod.  You can tape over the screwdriver to prevent scratches.

Step 2:

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12v to usb 010.JPG
12v to usb 011.JPG
Now remove the two screws that are visible.

Step 3:

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12v to usb 014.JPG
The map light pod will now hang down.  Disconnect the harness by pushing down on the tab on the top of the harness.

Step 4:

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12v to usb 016.JPG
12v to usb 018.JPG
12v to usb 019.JPG
You will see the power supply harness that you are looking for inside.  It will be wrapped with foam and will have three pins.  With my Impreza the centre wire is ground and the yellow with red stripe wire is power when the key is on.  It is important to make sure you get the correct wires as you do not want constant power, otherwise you will slowly drain your battery.