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I was trying to figure out how to do this for a very long time when I finally figured it out by piecing together different pieces of information I found in many different instructions. This helped me a lot and I hope it helps you with all of your speaker projects!

You Will Need:
A speaker (I got mine by taking apart an old computer speaker)
A pair of iPod earbud thingies you don't want back
A soldering iron or a bunch of electrical tape (I used the electrical tape but soldering would probably be preferable)
A wire stripper (you can use scissors for this if you don't have one).

Step 1: The Earbuds

Picture of The Earbuds
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Take your earbuds and cut the wire right below where they split, so you have a plain cord with a jack on the end and a split cord with the earbuds on it. Take the plain cord with the jack and strip about an inch of the insulation off the end without the jack. There will be four separate wires, a copper, a red, a green, and a red and green striped one. Burn off the colored insulation on these wires by setting them on fire individually using a small lighter or match. The flame should catch, burn off the insulation, and burn out quickly. Do this to each of the wires, making sure you can identify their original colors still (leave a bit of the color at the base so you can tell). Set this aside and grab your speaker.
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how can i make it louder different wiring??
or where can i get the little amp that you are talking about and how much is it whats it called???
my speaker has a little white thing with two holes in it at the end of the wires what is that??
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That is just what is used to connect it to the original equipment you should be able to just cut that off with no adverse effects
clamonica22 hours ago
What if you want to use two speakers in this?
Csmiley4252 months ago
I made it following the instructions and then using the stuff found in previous comments and it didnt work. My earbuds all have had red blue green and copper wire. Could it be that my speakers are too big. I tried with a .5W and a 2W
Instead of soldering...plug in the jack to some computer,ipod and touch the terminals of speakers.cut away the microphone wire if needed.
JohnS101 made it!3 months ago

THANKS ALOT ! i think the pic will help you a bit. its basically - with copper (ground)
and + with right(red in this case). U can determin which cable is which 1.using a continuity test 2.cutting right before the earphones or 3. just testing :D

DIY speaker to jack.jpg
JohnS101 made it!3 months ago

THANKS A LOT ! IT WORKS ! u actually put the right(red) cable to the + of the speaker and the hairy copper ground wire on the - of the speaker ! :D you can define left and right by doing a continuity test.. or.. just trying ! :D CAREFULL!: plugging it to a mobile gives it less power and this makes it not hear-able so you will think its broken or you did something wrong use a pc for testing THANKS AGAIN !

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NickzS3 months ago
Here's the speaker. Help please
NickzS3 months ago
Hey. .
I have a speaker that already ends with a phone jack but when i played a sonq is the sound was very loe do you have any suggestion ? Tttthank you.
2l4zy4an4m35 years ago
hey for the speakers, do they need to have batteries? or can just a simple speaker without batteries work when soldered with a headphone jack?

Don't add batteries, I fried my iPod's circuit board a while back by doing this.

They don't have to have batteries to work. I did it without them.

depends on the ohms and power needed by your speakers, results varies, mines is running on a 9v battery.
can u tell me how i would hook the 9V?
Hey, it's me again. I'm connecting another speaker set to install in my backpack. Could you explain how you connected the speakers to the battery, and to the headphone wires? I have looked all over instructables. The only battery powered speakers are hooked into amps or pcbs. My speakers are not connected to anything - all I have are just the actual speakers. I would really appreciate any help.

your talking to me? if you are , its easier to email me at kyismaster{AT}gmail.com
You may need to use diodes.
you don't need to have batteries, just keep in mind that that means it will be using the power from your iPod.
i would like to object, my Ipod can't power my 300 watt subwoofer can it now. My 500w Amp can barely keep up. the speakers vary, and ultimately rule over this.
Bban5 months ago
What if your earbuds only have a copper blue and green.
Copper is ground, and I'm afraid you'll have to test the green and blue to find out which is left and right. Usually, green is left and red is right, but some cords use blue as left.
shashwat.patkar made it!5 months ago
Works Great For Me
udenbeater6 months ago

I have a lot of old headphone, can I wire all the headphone into a single jack? And how to increase the volume of the headphone?

zachcrat9 months ago
i found a way to amp it without a amp, put maginates on the magnetic part of it- otherwise thanks alot
Qwertyfish9 months ago
Ok so I have a speaker, it has two wires that you connect into a red and black thing in a CD player. That CD player broke. So now I have a bad one that has a headphone jack that you can plug headphones into(it works I checked). So I was thinking, wire a smallish ok speaker to a headphone jack and play music through that. But what wires would I join to the others. In the picture attached I have the two speaker wires and they headphone wires in the two groups. Any help?
2014 21:01.jpg
Qwertyfish9 months ago
I'm trying to do this with an old headphone jack and speakers from a CD player? How would I do this because it doesn't work at the minute
iceprince1711 months ago

it didnt work men i just make it in this way
haha sorry i don't have a talent in drawing


Ok, I am kind of old school, and don't usually keep up with renaming of electronic parts. However, unless some names was changed, the "jack" is actually a plug. The jack, when I learned electronics, was the hole this plug fit into. As I said, I don't make a habit of keeping up with electronic parts that have been renamed, or the names were switched.

Aside from this, good instructable.

cchung31 year ago

I accidentally cut all the existing wire off the speaker, how would i go about soldering the headphone wires on?

akv11 year ago

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uiqvqfk9n0k : video illustrating the procedures.

PwhirL2 years ago
Hey man, you wouldn't happen to have a wiring diagram for the CVC would you?
how can i make it louder different wiring??
or where can i get the little amp that you are talking about and how much is it whats it called???
my speaker has a little white thing with two holes in it at the end of the wires what is that??
Huh? I think you are asking questions to the wrong person, but I might be able to answer your questions. Attach some pictures and I'll see what I can do.
i posted the pictures above
Vijster14 years ago
I connected two speakers (some tiny ones from RadioShack) to my headphones. They work perfectly. First twined speaker wires together, then added headphone wires to each bunch of twined speaker ones.
oh by the way, the "volume" often varies based on the amount of electricity given to the speakers by the source. Ex: My phone - low/moderate Old ipod classic - high You get sound based on power
how much power do you need to make it loud???
do you think an ipod touch(3rd gen) will play some 8 watt speakers loud enough?
Sorry for the delay - I really do not know... You would have to know how much electricity your ipod puts through the headphone jack.
you probably already knew that...
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