Step 4: Digging the trench

Picture of Digging the trench
I dug the trench to bury the conduit by hand ( I mean not literally but with a shovel). I dug for several days, taking my time. If you want to spend some money and rent a trench digger you can but money was an issue for me so this old man decided to dig the trench himself and do it at his pace.
I found a large rock while digging and I did not have any dynamite to blast it so, I patiently dug around it.
geo_caver4 years ago
I am surprise that you did not use PVC pipe as a conduit for the wires as a security against potential animal gnawing or even accidental cut off by simple root removing process or gardening.
blkhawk (author)  geo_caver4 years ago
I used liquid tight conduit but I might as well used a direct burial cable. It is against electrical codes to use a conduit with sheathed cable inside.
Hycro4 years ago
Man, I would have broke out the hammer, safety glasses, and face shield and broken the rock...but, that's just me...