As most people know, LED lights are VERY bright. they work well as a flashlight for a low cost. This is my first instructable. Questions, Comments, or suggestions are welcome.

Step 1: Materials

you will need materials.

1. LED light
2. double A battery pack
3. Duct tape
4.Bic Pen body (i think we all know how to take one appart)
5. Wires
6. Batteries.
7.Bic pen cap
Could you tell us more about the LED you used. What voltage? Was it a standard or superbright? I couldn't tell how many AA batteries were in your pack, 2 or 4. That will determine the voltage applied to the LED. Just curious about details. <br> <br>Thanks
Im not sure if my last reply went through. <br>The led I used was a 5mm bulb that has a 3.4-4.0V forward operating voltage.<br>The battery pack used 2 batteries. <br>Thank you for showing interest in my first instructable!

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Bio: I am a student looking for some fun and cool projects :)
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