Picture of How to wooden balance bike (diary)
This is an instructables on how to make a wooden balance bike that is also my diary of making for my GCSE product design project.
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Step 1: What You Will Need

To be able to make this balance bike you Will Need the following:
2cm thick plywood
2cm thick pine (floorboard without tounge and groove)
2.5cm thick dowling / brush handle
2x 28cm diameter hard foam wheels/balance bike wheels
1cm thick threaded metal rod
10x 8mm cap nuts
8x 6mm cap nuts
2x wing nuts to fit the threaded rod
6x washers to fit threaded rod
1x lock nut to fit threaded rod
8x 0.5cm thick screws
4x 8x2cm metal rectangles  
6x multi purpose screws

pencil + measuring equiptment for marking

Step 2: Front Forks (X2)

Picture of Front Forks (X2)
To make the 2 front forks you will need the 2cm plywood and a saw. Firstly you will need to cut out 2 rectangles measuring 48x4cm each. Then measure 5cm from one end and mark then 19.5cm from the other end leaving 23.5cm inbetween the 2 points. Then at the 2 points cut in the wood 5mm on both sides of the wood on both pieces and then mark the ends of the cuts together and cut out this small rectangular section. This should now look like the picture

Step 3: Rear Swing Arms (X2)

Picture of Rear Swing Arms (X2)
You will then need the plywood again but this time it needs to be cut into 2 rectangles measuring 29x4cm each. Then from one 4cm end measure inwards half a cm from each edge. Then draw a line from the two points (either end of the 3cm marked previous) joining to the corners of the 4cm end opposite so it should look like an arrow and cut off the 2 triangles marked on the outside edge then using a sander round off the two corners of the larger end.
evgen_ru1 year ago
Where did you take 28cm wheels?
I don't found it....very expensive only :-(
tazier123 (author)  evgen_ru1 year ago
http://item.mobileweb.ebay.co.uk/viewitem?sbk=1&nav=SEARCH&itemId=151059315141 - thats about as cheap as you will find them exactly the same what i paid for mine + same wheel (different colour)
Oh, thank you.
but it very expensive for me too :-)
ps: I bought kid's bike with two 10" wheels for 30$ :-)
tazier123 (author)  evgen_ru1 year ago
Yeah it would be ok to make it out of them, if you adjust the packing on the rear wheel and width on front forks and maybe the fixings and they will work fine :o)
PS: http://www.instructables.com/id/Balance-bike/
I do it already :) (in my Instructables)
But the wheels of kid's bike are very heavy... 2.5 kg !
My balance bike without wheels - 1.5 kg :)
piggy002 years ago
What's a balance bike
tazier123 (author)  piggy002 years ago
A balane bike is just basically a bike without wheels that a child can use to learn how to ride a bike before having to learn how to pedal and balance/steer at the same time
a bike w/out wheels??????
tazier123 (author)  joey992 years ago
Sorry meant pedals
fred272 years ago
Nice, but where did you get the wheels? They seem to be fairly key to the build but I don't think I've ever seen them for sale on their own.
tazier123 (author)  fred272 years ago
Any wheels you can get upto 12" diameter will work but would be useful to have proper plastic innards for safety
tazier123 (author)  fred272 years ago
They should come up if you search for balance bike wheels (for sale) in ebay or google or any other good shopping site
ardnon2 years ago
Nice job. I've been wanting to do an instructable on a balance bike (mostly just to build the bike for my boy). I like the dirt bike design, and will incorporate some of it when I build mine.
tazier123 (author)  ardnon2 years ago
Thanks glad you found it useful :o)
tazier123 (author) 2 years ago
Thanks rimar :o)
rimar20002 years ago
Very good work!