Introduction: How to Work With Hard Wax for Lost Wax Casing

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I did this at TechShop Menlo Park.
You can use any kind of wax for lost wax casting. Red french was is the easiest to use as its malleable and paraffin is good for carving. I ended up with a giant block of green machining wax. This is one of the many creative ways to deal with the situation:

Step 1: Cut Into Pieces

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Using a vertical wood saw, cut into chunks.

Step 2: Line a Crockpot

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I used a large crock-pot and lined with aluminum foil to protect it from the sticky wax. 

Step 3: Add Wax and Water

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I added one cup of water which sinks to the bottom and doesn't mix with the wax. It just speeds up the process. 

Step 4: Melt the Wax

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Turn the crockpot on and adjust to low temperature. In about an hour the wax is melted, soft and workable. 

Step 5: Make a Sculpture

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Use oil to cover your hands so wax will stick to you less and line your work area with plastic. 
Time to play!!! :)
Follow more instructables to come on how to transform your wax piece into metal.


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