Introduction: How to Wrap a Ball

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It is so hard to wrap a ball as a gift.. I don't want to spoil the surprise. So, I ended up looking for ways to really cover it with stuff you can find around the house. :)

Step 1: Look For...

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Cereal boxes or milk boxes if you don't have any cartons available

You will also need:

Scotch tape



and Wrapper

Step 2: Fitting the Ball

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I can be in any shape...

Box, triangle, cylinder....

Who would have thought that this is a ball? hehe

Try to make it close or tight to the ball.

Step 3:

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Step 4:

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DaddysGal22 (author)2015-03-09

Haha whoever u got that for might think you got them powdered milk lol but great 'ible

Bhavya Dalal (author)2014-12-31

It is a very good idea to wrap these types of gifts.

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