How to Wrap a Samurai Sword Handle





Introduction: How to Wrap a Samurai Sword Handle

If you unwrapped your samurai sword handle and cant figure out how to wrap it, Here is how to do it.

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Step 1: Things Needed

You need:
sword wrap:
a sheath to wrap it around.
If you need sword wrap click here

Step 2: Start the Wrap

First thing you do is find the half way point in the wrap then put it on the sword.

Step 3: Twisting

Take one side of wrap and twist wrap once

Step 4: Twisting

Twist wrap one more time.

Step 5: Twisting 2nd Side

Twist the second strand one time

Step 6: Repeat

Flip sword/sheath over and repeat the same process

Step 7: Finishing

Continue wrapping till you get to the end.

Tie wrap to handle and push under wrap.



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    You said your Instructable was on "How to Wrap a Samurai Sword Handle", and this is not the case.

    You showed everyone how to wrap a cotton/nylon string onto the saya (sheath) of the sword. This is where the sageo should be, not handle wrapping. The sageo is a very important part of a katana, especially if you do Iaido/Iaijutsu. This instruction is pointless, and would do no good for anybody that wants functionality or authenticity emulated in their katana/bokken.

    Sure, your instructable was of some help, but, the handle does not have the loop hole that the saya has for the sageo, so how is one to finish the wrap if one does attempt to wrap the handle?

    Please show how to finish the wrap on the handle, rather than showing how to tie a knot around a loop on the saya.

    There's pretty clearly a kurigata (AKA "the loop hole that the saya has for the sageo"). He ties the sayamaki right underneath it. The puzzle's why he is doing sayamaki on an uchigatana.

    Hey Jubeidude>>Stop being a hater and be a MENTOR. How is the wrap done then? Where are YOUR pictures illustrating the the 'PROPER' technique you speak of?

    Your comments would be much more appreciated on the youtube flame boards.

    I found this instuctable to be usefull,


    Wow. Constructive criticism much? Everyone has a right to say what they think could be improved on an Instructable. Even me. Even you

    I wasn't hating. I was just trying to be helpful. As I pointed out, these instructions are good, just not for what they are stated they are for.
    Japanese military history is my thing, especially arms and armor. I was just trying to help.
    So, I'm sorry if it came off as mean.

    wish you people would put out a decent 'ible! The worthless ones are a real waste of time! This is one of them! I got suckered in too!

    Im sorry i made this along time ago and if u can make a better one go right ahead

    is sword wrap crucial? couldn't you just use cloth or something similar?