How to Wrap Headphones So They Don't Tangle





Introduction: How to Wrap Headphones So They Don't Tangle

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Here is my entry on how to wrap headphones so they don't tangle. The handy thing about using one of these paper clips is that you can clip it onto your belt or pocket or whatever as well.

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    yes. yes they do. I have one on my planner for school but i never thought i could use them for at home

    1 reply

    I just sort of have them scattered all over my apartment haha.

    Thanks! Those clips have so many uses!

    Haha thanks! It is simple.

    Binder clips to the rescue! Man, those things are super useful. My fridge is covered with them, attached via cheap neodymium magnets.

    Great video, and it looks like you may have performed that wrap technique once or twice before.

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    Haha thanks man! Yeah, I've done it once or twice! Those clips have a million uses!