Getting your nails wrapped in Salons can be pretty expensive, anywhere from $25-$100. Salons usually use one of three types of material: silk, fiberglass, or fabric. The reason for wrapping the nail is to provide strength and to protect against chipping and splitting, or to mend a nail that is already split. I hate having to cut one fingernail if it starts to tear near the quick. I don't like having one nail shorter than all of the others. This is a fairly easy solution to that problem. This instructable isn't specifically for mending, but for providing strength to all of my nails (though, for mending one nail, use this same method.) 

Also, I show my easy way to paint a french tip on your nail!

Step 1: Materials Needed

Materials Needed for all steps:

For the Prep work:

Nail polish remover (if your nails are already painted) (non-acetone, and 100% acetone is what I used)
Cotton Pads or Cotton Balls
Birch wood manicure stick
Cuticle Shaver/cutter
Small cuticle scissors
Tea Tree Essential oil or olive oil (optional)
Small brush for applying oil (optional)

For the Wrap:

One tea bag
Nail glue or super glue
Small scissors
Fine grit nail file
Nail buffer 
Piece of plastic wrap (i'll explain later)
Small paint brush (optional)
100% Acetone (optional)

For the French Tip Polish:

White Nail Polish
Clear Nail Polish
French Pink or other color for the bed of the nail (I use a pink tinted translucent nail strengthener)
Non acetone nail polish remover
Short, flat paint brush

If you would like to know where I got any of these materials or the prices, just ask!!! 
Wow! A really comprehensive tutorial. Thanks. Following you now.
hiya i was wondering: I have very short nails (due to my job) but once in a while want long nails without spending the skrill on acrylics (not to mention the damage it does to my nail beds). Can I use nail tips and the "tea bag" wrap to achieve the length I want without the commitment? thanks for the tute!!
I'm not sure if this would work or not. You would still have to glue the tips to your natural nail. I'm not sure if that little bit glued to your nail without acrylic would be enough to hold it on, even with the paper wraps. Also, the wraps are so thin, you would have to file down the seam of the artificial nail so that it was even with your natural nail, or there would be a ridge once you put the wrap on. All I can say is, give it a try, maybe do one nail and see how it works. Do it on the weekend when you don't have anywhere to go, and see if it stays on all day. I'd love to hear if this works for you!
So trying this! I love having my nails done but can't afford the cost. This is a very inexpensive way to have my nails! <br>Thank you!!
<p>thanks for the instructable, I have wanted wraps forever but couldn't find any one in my area that does it.&nbsp; I cann't wait to try it!:)</p>
Awesome!&nbsp; I'm totally trying this tonight!<br />
That's great! You'll definitely notice a difference. Make sure there is no oil on your fingers at all, or the wrap won't last as long! Also, if you replace them one at a time as needed, it's a lot better than doing all 10 at once every week or so. Just an idea!
Great idea, thanks!&nbsp; I&nbsp;have a question:&nbsp; Do you think I&nbsp;could use clear nail polish instead of glue - or would that defeat the whole purpose?&nbsp; I'm not sure that my super glue is safe to use and I'm hesitant to apply nail glue to my natural nails.&nbsp; What do you think?<br /> <br /> And a suggestion - a French 'Tip' (ha, pun intended) - scotch tape works well for a straight french tip line, and, although it is harder to do, you can also achieve a curved line with scotch tape.&nbsp; <br /> <br /> Thanks for the awesome Instructable! :-) +5*<br />
&nbsp;Clear nail polish would work but not for very long, it would chip easily. Nail glue (the glue designed for artificial fingernails) is safe for your natural nails, and if you remove it with acetone, it will not damage your natural nails at all.&nbsp;

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