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A hypograth is a code I invented a while back because I was bored and had nothing to do.

basically, you take the first letter, then put the second letter under it, then the third next to the first, then the fourth under the third, and so on.

here is an example:

H  P  G  A  H
Y  O  R  T  S

that says hypograths. 

It is very easy to write!

good luck on your coding! Btw I made a new language called jybberysch, check it out in the instructable!
sorry if the picture is blurry, stupid iPad.


everythingicanthinkof (author)2014-12-31

Cool. Maybe you should add another cipher to it. For instance, use it with Pig Pen code.

Ooh, yeah! What about that, with Ceasar, with Atbash, with Pigpen after all of that?

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