Introduction: How to Write in Gothic Calligraphy

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I will show you how to write in gothic calligraphy, and what tools you need.

Step 1: Tools

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For writing any calligraphy, you need three things, a pen, ink, and paper.

For pen:
I would reccomend just using a chisel tip marker for beginners, but if you really want to do it the real way, buy a dip pen set with nibs, holder, and ink.

For ink:
You can use any type of ink (except fountain pen ink) to write calligraphy. Ex. India Ink, Chinese Stick Ink, or pigmented acrylic ink.

For paper:
Use whatever you want pretty much.

Step 2: Lower Case Lettering

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This is the lower case alphabet drawn by yours truly. If you can't read the pic, save it and view it in internet explorer (or firefox/google chrome) because it's much bigger. You always have to hold the pen at a 45 degree angle from the right side of the paper. Always either move diagonally from top right corner to bottom left corner (and vice versa) or down (Always move AWAY from the top left corner, never towards). For lettering, use a broad tip nib.

Step 3: Upper Case Lettering

I don't know all of the letters in upper case, so here is a website that shows you how: .

Step 4: Scrolling (adding Lines)

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To make it look more calligraphy-like, just add scrolling lines. This will make it look fairy-tale-ish. If you want a more 'Heavy Metal' feel, just add sharp corners like in picture two. For scrolling use a fine nib.

Step 5: Final Notes

You're done!
You can add colour if you'd like, but you don't have to.
If you think i missed anything, feel free to post a comment.


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