A simple instructable that will explain how to write use a laser pointer to write on surfaces such as buildings, the ground etc for really cool photos.

Step 1: Camera and Settings

The first thing you need is a decent camera such as this Nikon coolpixs6 from http://www.nikonusa.com

Next is the most critical part in the whole process, set the exposure to around 4-6 seconds.
<p>Blue laser pointer emits the purest blue light from 460nm laser diode, bringing you wonderful experience and get more attentions in presentation.</p><p><a href="https://www.facebook.com/htpow1/videos/137280973304292/?pnref=story" rel="nofollow">https://www.facebook.com/htpow1/videos/13728097330...</a></p>
cool<br />
Ther blue laser beam is awesome,What about the beam of <a href="http://www.greenlaserpointer.org">green laser pointer</a>?<br />
It must need extra device ,only a blue laser pointer <a rel="nofollow" href="http://laserpointerpen.net/77-5mw-80mw-473nm-blue-laser-pointer-pen">http://laserpointerpen.net/77-5mw-80mw-473nm-blue-laser-pointer-pen</a> couldn't do that.<br/>
Sad day. i buy everything off ebay because it tends to be cheaper. I wanted to get a blue laser pointer, but it wasn't that much cheaper. My green one (off ebay) was $3 with free shipping (shipping took about 3 days). The one off amazon was $17 plus shipping. But the blue lasers were roughly the same price. I guess I'll still with green. :/
How did you get that lightning effect
This Is A Really Cool Project And It Works Great With A Red Laser, What Made It Better Was That instead Of A Wall I Used A Glare Free Projector Screen. I Do Have One Thing I Want Someone To Try, Take This Instructable And Combine It With This One----&gt;https://www.instructables.com/id/Laser-Pointer-Diffuser/<br/>And Instead Of Pointing With It, You Can Do Some Sky Writing. All You Gotta Do Is Stand In front of The Cam And Draw. Ill Try It Out But I Might not Piu An Instructabel If It Fails So Just BE On The Look Out For It. Any way This Is A Cool Project, I Gotta Get A Green And Blue Laser. 5*<br/>
did you acculy spend 999 on a laser?
No. These photos were done with this laser <a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.dragonlasers.com/aurora">http://www.dragonlasers.com/aurora</a> I used the pic of the Spartan in this instructable because it looks so cool :)<br/>
Does this work with regular red lasers as well, or only blue and green lasers?
look on comment above... if u can see a red/blue/green/any-color dot, it will work
It will work with any laser that has a visible beam point.
Apparently that is a sotra high price for a laser. From the same place you can get a 10mW blue laser for $700. He has a 40mW blue laser but you can also go one step up and get a $1,500 60mW blue laser
No he used paint. JK.
possible with a red laser???????????????????????/
omg, really expensive!
*Sigh*. Blue lasers. I love them, I wish I had one. Too much $$$ though. Awesome Instructable though, I can never figure out how to set the thing on my camera to whatever seconds. Awesome Instructable once again, and cool laser.
that's cool, 'specially as it's smaller &quot;writing&quot; than a torch. =) <br/>

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