Introduction: How to Write Your Name

Have you ever wanted to write your name but were not sure where to start?

Maybe you (were):
* overwhelmed
* confused
* 2 years old
* sleeping
* drunken
* recently broke both arms
* just woke up
* mountain biking
* brain farting
* skydiving
* on fire
* on Jupiter
* fighting

Step 1: Materials

you will need:
* your name
* paper
* writing utensil
* writing platform (for best results us flat solid surface)
* hands
* basicunderstandingoftheEnglish  alphabet

Step 2: Grasp Paper With Hand

Get a firm grip on the paper. Really make sure it's in your hand before you attempt to pick it up. 

Step 3: Place Paper on Writing Platform

To accomplish this task move your hand with paper grasped firmly to your preferred writing platform.

Step 4: Release Paper

Relax, the paper *won't burst into flames if you release it. Let it go. If you let it go and it stays put, it was meant to be.

*unless your paper is also a bomb.

Step 5: Grasp Writing Utensil

Remember, writing utensils are weapons of mass description. Be sure to use the hand you plan to write with. You are only creating more work for yourself otherwise.

Step 6: Move Hand to Paper

Using your built in arm, move your hand over to where you left the paper. 

Step 7: Remember Your Name

You can do this, no one is holding you back. Envision your name: first , middle, last. Take your time, the last thing you want are charges of forgery. 

Step 8: Write the First Letter of Your First Name

Think back to step 7. Yes it was a while back, but you got this covered

Step 9: Write the Next Letter of Your First Name

Step 10: Continue to the Nth Letter of First Name

Step 11: Space

leave a blank space by moving your hand to the right.

Step 12: Write Middle Name.

repeat steps 8-10 with middle name

Step 13: Space

You might have thought to move your hand to the left this time. The contrary is true. If you can't remember go to step 11 then 14.

Step 14: Step 14

Wow, you made it to step 14. They said it couldn't be done, yet here you are. Go take a break, you deserve it. 

Step 15: Write the First Letter of You Last Name

Think back to step 8 when you thought back to step 7. Do the same but for your last name.

Step 16: Write the Next Letter of You Last Name

Step 17: Continue to the Nth Letter of Last Name

What could go wrong? Honestly a lot.
*power outage
*writing utensil malfunction
*paper explodes
*writing platform denigration

However, you won't let any thing stop you from reaching the finish line.

Step 18: Release Writing Utensil

Warning! Failure to complete this task will result in injury!

Step 19: Congratulation! Pat Yourself on the Back

Now, go make a cake and eat it. You have all the skills needed, else ask mother.

Step 20: Improvements

Take the logical next step.  

1. acquire one laser cutter.

2. Read this instructable's sequel *How to laser cut your name

*Not yet made.


Pfarmkid made it!(author)2012-02-04

don't you love pointless 'ibles

s made it!(author)2011-04-11

Thank you, I don't think people recognize how much time and effort went into the construction of this instructable. I wouldn't say I'm an expert, but I do have a lot of experience.