Step 3: Choose your supports

Your tree house is going to need support to help it withstand the weight of children playing inside it as well as the pressures of the elements it’s exposed to. Over the many years of tree house building, we’ve devised a number of clever ways to do this.

There’s “the post method”, which involves sticking support posts deep into the ground near the tree. This method is popular because the posts don’t actually touch the tree itself, so it’s not in danger of being damaged.

The “bolt method” is more traditional, and a little bit less tree-friendly. You bolt support beams directly into the tree, holding everything in place. If you choose your materials carefully, this needn’t damage the tree too much.

The “suspension” method comes at the problem literally from a different angle. Using cables, chains or ropes, you suspend the tree house from the strongest high branches. This design very much depends on you having the right kind of tree, and it can be a risk if you expect the tree house is going to have to hold a significant amount of weight.