Picture of How to get those stubborn Slinky kinks out
The worst thing that happens to Slinkys is getting tangled, right?
Well, to get them untangled you need only a longish, skinny piece of metal or
other hard-to-cut material

Step 1: Step 1

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Find the other tangle at one of the ends of the slinky.
ElenaW16 months ago

I did something wrong because now it's even worse than before.

Ghostrooper2 years ago
Although all I did was random twisting and pulling, the stick part helped ALOT.
This happens with phone cords aswell i like to just sit there and try to get them out, when i have nothing to do.
Great. I've thrown away so many slinkies because of these tangles that I can't get out. Now, no more slinkies in the trash!
YAY!!! Now thousands upon thousands of innocent slinkies will be saved!
canida6 years ago
A clear solution to a classic problem.
Redgerr canida5 years ago
yup, thease things have gotten me so many times, poor slinkeys :(
Redgerr5 years ago
WIN! i think this could also work with those annoying phone cord twists too!
ridemybike5 years ago
You are a genius!
Coolboyme6 years ago
Your great It was of good help to me
luvit6 years ago