Introduction: How to Get Those Stubborn Slinky Kinks Out

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The worst thing that happens to Slinkys is getting tangled, right?
Well, to get them untangled you need only a longish, skinny piece of metal or
other hard-to-cut material

Step 1: Step 1

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Find the other tangle at one of the ends of the slinky.

Step 2: Step 2

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Collapse the slinky from the first tangle to the other, then push
that chunk through the awkward loop (first tangle).

Step 3: Step 3

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Stick the stick through as shown, then spin the slinky.

Note: hard to describe here.

Step 4: Step 4

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If you still have a tangle on the end, then take the top-most layer and feed it below the true end.

Step 5: Summery

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Note: Plastic slinkys don't get that extra tangle at the end.
If you don't have that extra tangle, it doesn't matter which end you collapse


_KJP12 (author)2016-06-23

Got where the physics engine of the universe glitches out and gets a silkie stuck in itself? Had to trash that slinkie because of that,

Supernaturallvr24 (author)2015-10-27

I made it worse....

Supernaturallvr24 (author)2015-10-27

Lost me. I have no clue what to do.

ElenaW1 (author)2015-01-30

I did something wrong because now it's even worse than before.

Ghostrooper (author)2012-09-06

Although all I did was random twisting and pulling, the stick part helped ALOT.

the_burrito_master (author)2011-04-02

This happens with phone cords aswell i like to just sit there and try to get them out, when i have nothing to do.

mbudde (author)2009-06-24

Great. I've thrown away so many slinkies because of these tangles that I can't get out. Now, no more slinkies in the trash!

mutput7 (author)mbudde2010-07-11

YAY!!! Now thousands upon thousands of innocent slinkies will be saved!

canida (author)2009-06-23

A clear solution to a classic problem.

Redgerr (author)canida2010-07-08

yup, thease things have gotten me so many times, poor slinkeys :(

Redgerr (author)2010-07-08

WIN! i think this could also work with those annoying phone cord twists too!

ridemybike (author)2010-03-03

You are a genius!

Coolboyme (author)2009-08-23

Your great It was of good help to me

luvit (author)2009-06-23


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