Introduction: How Too Make a Halloween Killer Pumpkin

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Halloween is fun, so I have crated an easy to do clay pumpkin.

Step 1:

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The clay you will need is
Roll the orange into a ball.

Step 2:

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Cut out a  mouth, noise, and eyes for the pumpkin.

Step 3:

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Smoth out black clay in both eyes and mouth. Then begin  adding teeth.

Step 4:

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Then add a toung, eyes, and a stem to complete the pumpkin.

Step 5:

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Your finshed, to see Slimer look at my other instructables. Good Luck


Tomdf (author)2012-10-09

Oh man, these are awesome!
Have you though about making them out of sculpey so that they could be baked solid? It looks like you are using regular ol' squishy non-drying clay; if it were me I would want to preserve these in a more permanent medium.

JHMS#3 (author)Tomdf2012-10-17



susanchen2011 (author)2012-07-04

so cute.

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