Picture of How use a flashlight for a bicycle headlight
Need to ride at night once in a while? Don't want to spend big bucks for a bike specific headlight? This instructable is for you!
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Step 1: Here's what you need

A bike helmet. Riding without one is silly, riding in the dark without one doubly so! I like having a light on my helmet because it points where I am looking and can be pointed at drivers on cross streets at intersections. Get a helmet that fits you properly and make sure the straps are adjusted to keep it in place if you go down. A helmet that doesn't stay put when you crash is as bad a no helmet at all!

I like my Giro for the good buckle/strap system and the ventilation. You can get good helmets cheaply by buying last year's model closeouts at places like Nashbar, Pricepoint, etc.

Just about any helmet will work- almost all have plenty of vent holes- you'll see why that is important in a minute...

The other things you need are a flashlight- this thing is going to be on your head, so a small one is best. I used a "River Rock" flashlight that I bought at target for $20. It uses two AA batteries, it's weather proof and VERY bright. A pair of alkaline batteries will give full output for 4-5 hours. Rechargeable NiMH will provide full output for 2-3 hours. That's plenty for most bike commutes in the dark.

Oh yeah, you'll need a couple rubber bands too. I used whatever I had around. Just make sure they'll fit...
admin6 years ago
This is a great Instructable, but you need to add a main image of the final project to the intro step. Please do that and leave me a message when you have so that we can publish your work. Thanks!
bspeed12 years ago
Bicycle lighting improves the visibility of the bicycle rider to others in dark conditions, and may help the rider to see by illuminating the way forward. Both reflectors and active lights are used to make the rider more visible. Many jurisdictions require one or more types of light to be fitted to bikes ridden at night. White light in the front, red lights in the back, and orange reflectors on the side is the most common setup. Many types of light sources are used for bicycle lights.

Honda Civic
jemerson13 years ago
I use a L2D face to face and it's wonderful. Sometimes I find useful for a variety of light to escape, but can be mitigated by slowing down.

Yamah R15
Advar5 years ago
Neat. I did something similar with two small lights & epoxy. One light on each side, and they merged into a much wider beam and extra bright in the center. Regular epoxy didn't work so well, but the silicon is still on after three years & a lot of rain.
Haielgo25 years ago
I use a similar arrangement on the front of my helmet. I've always been a little concerned about the possible effect on the protective value of the helmet if you took an impact over the torch.
Pumpkin$6 years ago
It's called Ducttape! XD
hey, is the a cree led flash light or an incandescent?
Mark Rehorst (author)  tstartrekdude6 years ago
I don't recall exactly what was on the package, but I think it is a Luxeon K2. It has a DC-DC converter to keep it at constant brightness as batteries discharge. It is plenty bright for riding home on streets in the dark but I wouldn't try barreling down singletrack with it in the dark.