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Ok, so every time I give someone a book for Christmas or a birthday, it's always obvious that that's what I'm getting them, straight away, from the wrapping paper. It's shaped like a book, it feels like a book, it's as heavy as a book, and it bends like a book. What else could it be? 

So this year, for that certain someone who loves books, I'm getting her.... a book... well not really. I hid the REAL gift INSIDE the book. She thinks she's getting a book for Christmas... but really she's getting... Well, something else.

So this is the indestructible to show a simple way of surprising people for Christmas; with a different kind of wrapping paper.

Step 1: Materials

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- SHARP Knife
- Cheap Book
- White Glue
- A plastic bag
- Paint Brush (Optional)

That is awesome. My Pot is safe :)
Really well done! I love this idea... and I know when people have gone to this much effort in gift presentation it really means a lot... thanks for this instructable!
lavothas5 years ago
nicely done, though I must say, if this was anything but a readers digest condensed I would have to destroy you
Printy (author)  lavothas5 years ago
:) Hey thanks. I'm glad my life was spared due to the improbability that I had chosen a Readers Digest condensed and not the OTHER book on my shelf. :D